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Ina Paarman's Rosemary & Olive Seasoning
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I love this product i use it on chicken even when we have a braai.
Great spice especially for vegetables, leaves it tasting delicious.
New addition to my spices
The aroma is to die for and it excels with my red meat especially when roasting it!
I love it on roast chicken, lamb, and pork. The aroma is to die for.
Sprinkle a Rosemary love the taste
Eeowww my daughter is a Cook and she always Fa fa fa this Rosemary and Olive spice on all roasted foods, I.e chicken, potatoes, veggies and also on soups.. Mmmhhh..smells and taste yummieee
I have just added this to my spice collection and so far I love it on my pork chops
Love this!!!
I have been using this seasoning for years now and it is definitely one of my favorites. It is so versatile and works with so many dishes. This past weekend I baked a Butternut Bread with Rosemary from the Ina Paarman website that contained this seasoning and it was absolutely to die for.
Beautiful aroma of fresh rosemary
I love this seasoning is not too salty and the fresh aroma of rosemary and olive just levels! It will definitely be on my shopping list for my next shopping!
Can never go wrong
Inna Paarman is exceptional, fry your mushrooms with this spice, its heaven on earth.
I really liked it on my lamb chops it’s tested delicious
So delicious
Adds an instant Mediterranean vibe with the salty olive flavour, this is good on almost everything, even just butter toast. This is a product I really like and use often.
Rosemary smell irresistible
A family friend introduced this product to us, since im a known Rosemary lover & i fell in love with it.
Inapaarmans rosemary and olives 👌 my favorite
I actually started using inapaarmans 2 years ago. To tell you the truth I have over 9 seasonings from them that are my must haves. Rosemary, green onion and garlic & pepper are my favorites. All my recipes contain inapaarmans drizzle somewhere... They are the best. Also try their honey and mastard dressing. It's to die for!
Inapaarmans or nothing
Since i have started using Inapaarmans some years ago i have never looked back instead i tried more spices then followed their sauces.In that my family and friends fell in love with it througj me and since then their are super crazy about Inapaarmans products.
My go to Spice
This is my go to brand and it goes with everything. From your pastas to stews/curries or even roast. I swear by it!! Love it

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