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Ina Paarman's Rosemary & Olive Seasoning
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Ina Paarmans Rosemary and Olive
A seasoning with lots of flavour. I Highly recommend it, its tasty and goes with nearly all dishes.
Rosemary and Olive Spice
Amazing flavor consistency ...lovely on red meat and white. You can use it on vegetables or pastas. Use it when you make grilled sandwiches. I would love to see it come in a twist container so even more flavor is released with each twist.
Great All Round Product
I have used this spice in so many ways and it is great every time. Great companion to a Foccacia, Ciabatta or any Italian bread and even great when sprinkled on popcorn.
Great spice
I love this spice so much and sprinkle it mostly over my veggies, but also over baked chicken and salmon. I also love to buy the cook-in-sauce in the same flavour, so delicious.
Punched with flavor
We enjoy it on skinless chicken. Put in the oven and even veg and it's lovely flavor will have you wanting more
Looooooooved trying this spice. It blasted away my tastebuds. It can be used on meat, chicken, fish. Perfection!!!
Nice spice
Lovely spice with full flavors, dont have to use much spice. I would recommend this spice to those who love to cook.
Bursting with Flavour
We love it! & It is used on almost every dish we make. Great Flavour.
Taste Sensation
This gives any roast from meat to veggies the perfect aroma and taste. The plain old roasted veggies become the best meal, the perfect seasoning to any plain old meal. My whole family loves my food
Love It !
I Love Ina Paarman products, but this specific flavor is my ultimate favorite. I use it over almost everything from pasta to lasagne to roasts and even a teaspoon in my soon.
Love Ina Paarmans
I just love all of Ina Paarmans products, the Rosemary and Olive I use in almost all my pasta en meat dishes.
My favourite
This seasoning is perfect on my pasta, it is the best on the shelf. Its strong flavour makes it so much better and i love the packaging. This is a must buy , i highly recommend it
Ina Paarman Rosemary and olive
Perfect for making roast veg as well as those sunday roast Lambs. My whole family loves it.
Lekker with your pizzas you make at home and other foods Changes the flavour and makes a difference
I love to add this to my food it just give that extra flavor to your dish

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