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Ina Paarman's Rosemary & Olive Seasoning
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Full of flavour
Great for use on Christmas lamb dishes. Really gives a great flavour to roast.
Falvourful Seasoning
Ina Paarman's products are always full of flavour. this product is packed with flavour and you don't need too much to get that kick of rosemary and olive. I use it on roast veg as well as when preparing my fish dishes.
Must have
I almost use it in everything especially chicken seasons very well and the smell that you get is so divine
Pantry favorite
I love it, it makes the best roasted chicken and pizza, my family really enjoyed it, it's not too salty, perfect balance of olive and rosemary.
Rosemary and olive seasoning
This rosemary and olive combination is out of this world. I use it on almost everything now from chicken to pasta. I really wish I can get in in a bigger size.
Healthy flavour
Great herby flavour, without the overly saltiness you get in some. Spices. Goes with everything, meat, fish, vegetables! It's a staple iny grocery list.
Superb taste
I bought this at the fruit & vege store & i just wanted to try something new and I put it on my grilled chicken & to my suprise that chicken tasted so nice so ive decided not to leave it out of my grocery shopping
Great taste
I use it everywhere from homemade French fries, mash, as season for pap, rice and even add a little in marinade
So versatile
You can use it on so many different things. Love it!
Great taste
Convenient and taste good what more could you ask for!
Best ever
I use this spice on everything from chicken, steak, veg everything. Its not too salty, gives your food a beautiful olive taste.
Favorite spice
I use this spice when I braai lamb, perfect in the mouth!
Great flavor
I love all the spices in this range and this particular variety is no different. My food would disappoint if it wasn’t for the flavor this product adds
Taste and smell
It is very good, especially on the grilled chicken.
Love it
Very flavorful taste and goes with any meat or vegetables. Love it

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