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Great taste
My family loves pap, we eat it every other day and Iwisa is one of our favorite brands. The pap is light, fluffy and tastes great, the price is also very reasonable.
Soft and smooth
I do use this product for my family. It makes the smoothest soft porridge. Kids and adults loves it
Original old fashion taste, wouldn’t say you used boiling water or the microwave! Super easy
Easy to make, fluffy and soft. Yes I recommend buying this. My kids love it!
I cooked dumplings, my oh my it was so soft and tastey
Bake it
We bake mini loafes with this when we braai. Soft and fluffy tastes great
Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
The only brand of maize flour that I will purchase. If not on shelf will not buy any other brand. My housekeeper will not eat any of the others as she says they do not cook up properly, so it's the only brand I know, and it does, cooks perfectly every time.
Maise for breakfast
Our family loves Iwiza maise and would have mieliepap for breakfast, of even with our braai. The creamy taste makes it so more delicious and smooth.
I am using my grandmothers recipe with this one breakfast time I have to make a pot..
Amazing Product
I'm a mom of a 17 month old toddler who is extremely picky when it comes to food. I started cutting down on baby cereal etc as it was becoming expensive and decided to buy maize meal. While at the shop, staring at all the variety of maize meal on the shelves, I noticed the Iwisa CREAMY Maize and bought it. The wording creamy was catchy and that's why I bought it and thought this might be a good start and hoping that my toddler would like it. Let me tell you...to my surprise, my picky eater LOVES IT!!!!. I too had of it and it really tastes good! Really smooth and very easy to make. I'm happy with this product.
Very smooth
Tastes very nice and the texture is very smooth , the maize meal is also easy to cook.
It taste Devine. Its smooth and creamy. Easy to prepare and serves time.
Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
I love maize with butter added and milk. This product is creamy already when cooked and does not take long to cook so very easy to use.
I have always been a pap lover and always used the Iwisa product. I stumbled appon the Iwisa creamy flavour. its truly worlds appart from any other product in the market. i am not sure how long its been on the market. i would reccomend this product to any person that consumes pap its truly the best.
iwisa creamy maize flour
super fine texture, I can recommend to all. taste really good

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