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Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
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Iwisa creamy
It's so delicious sweet ND nice It feels like it's not for home made The bakings come flalevr And soft delicious
Iwish creamy maize meal
Every morning we start with porridge with my family and I use iwisa maize meal yo do porridge and I add milk or lemon or peanut butter iwisa maize meal is the best always
My everyday maize meal . I make porridge with it in the mornings and pap for supper , supper soft pap ,. you wont go wrong plus the price os very reasonable
Our stable food
We start with in the morning, soft porridge with milk and margarine, smooth. Lunch porridge with vegetable. Brain is not a brain without Iwisa porridge. Usually I add sweetcorn
With iwiza I make the softest pap on town lol and it doesnt get hard when it gets cold. I also buy 10kg
Love this
My son's love this product. The texture and flavour is good. Can't wait to taste mor flavors. Saves so much time and effort.
Best product
Good for children, more especially for kids who doesn't like to eat food, it gives your children they're appetite back and boost their energy. Yes I would recommend it
Iwisa maize
Didn't know maize have different taste i fell in love with this one its white and creamy the pap tastes good, Am now a fan and I recommend to everyone
Ooh no
Difinetly not for me, I ddnt like the taste and texture. I will never buy it again. I didn't like anything about it
Iwisa creamy maize flour
Bought this creamy maize flour by mistake. Never seen it before so I decided to try it. Texture is not for me. It tastes strange as well. Maybe I didn't cook it properly, will not be using again.
Great taste
My family loves pap, we eat it every other day and Iwisa is one of our favorite brands. The pap is light, fluffy and tastes great, the price is also very reasonable.
Soft and smooth
I do use this product for my family. It makes the smoothest soft porridge. Kids and adults loves it
Original old fashion taste, wouldn’t say you used boiling water or the microwave! Super easy
Easy to make, fluffy and soft. Yes I recommend buying this. My kids love it!
I cooked dumplings, my oh my it was so soft and tastey

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