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Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
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Quick Foodie
Tastes better than the brand I normally use. Its also finer and easier to prepare.
Love it sour
Wow it's really nice I love it sour, we eat it for breakfast very nice
Smooth and great taste
Easy to use and so tasty. Great for breakfast and even for a braai.
Iwisa Best Maize..
I got to know this product from my late mother. If I cannot find this product on the shelf then i will not by any other product except Iwisa creamy maize flour. I find that it doubles the amount when cooked. I do however add some stork or rama margerine to it when i make phutu, to make it taste super creamy. Love this product. In general best creamy maize flour.
Iwisa creamy maize
Its a no from me. My family did not like the texture and neither did I. I ended up giving away half of the packet to a needy person.
Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
I enjoy it to the max ....most creamiest maize porridge I have ever tasted, compared to Tasty Wheat , this one is the best. :)
Best ever
I love this porridge. I prefer this product and its so convenient to prepare and quick. It taste awesome.
Growing up with pap
Ever since I can remember, I grew up with the smell of maize pap in the mornings and with a braai. Slap pap, stywe pap, krummelpap and tomato stew. Nothing like the invigorating smell of pap on the stove, especially when made with Iwiza. No other brand can compare with the quality and taste of Iwiza.
Always a winner from breakfast till a pot pudding
This is the only maize I really enjoy... I find everything else Abit rough and I feel this one cooks better as well
iwisa creamy maise
its creamy and filling and very healthy I by maise meel for my grand children
lovely product
easy to make and always a winner! I am not the most domesticated human alive and spend all my time in the office but this is easy and tasty! LOVE the product and it is very well priced!
Iwisa - the best SA can offer
Iwisa Maize Flour is one of the best mealie meal brands ever. It is easy to cook and comes out creamy every time
Iwisa Creamy Maize Flour
Best Millie meal, fluffy and soft my son loves it.
Its delicious and creamy. We love the soft porridge as well.

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