Jacobs Cappuccino Reduced Sugar 10 sticks

4,2 5 0 173 173 Compared to the Jacobs Cappuccino, Jacobs Cappuccino Reduced Sugar has 25% less suger. Instant coffee mixt with skimmed milk powder.
Jacobs Cappuccino Reduced Sugar 10 sticks


Cuppa in the go
Jacobs has always been a great coffee. Their capuccino is thick and creamy.
I looove anything Jacobs but this one is my absolute favourite. I love how convenient the satchets are and the taste amazing.
This tastes amazing, i make sure i buy it every week
Less Sugar Coffee
Jacobs Cappuccino reduced sugar 10 sticks is just perfect for me as it has less sugar because I don't have a sweet tooth and it can be enjoyed with cookies. If you are like me and enjoy not soo sweet drinks, then this coffee is for you.
Not a favourite
I amn not a fan of cappucino generally but I tried this cappucino recently and I have to say I did not like it at all. It taste very powdery and it left an unpleasant after taste in my mouth.
Sensational taste
It's amazing. Refreshing all day long.Doesnt take much time.One cup is never enough as it enjoy it so much for my morning's and after lunch.I enjoy it with the family and they love it
Jacobs cappiccino
Delightful and an added plus that its have reduced sugar. It is frothy creamy and has that delicious Jacobs taste. Nice to also be able to pop a packet in your bag for tea at the office. Nice product
Even without the extra sugar jacobs just gets my strenght of coffee everytime
Jacobs cuppacino reduced sugar
This product is the best especialy to us who don't like too much sugar i love the taste of this cuppacino its very nice i drink it anytime of the day and I recommend it
jacobs less sugar
I really try to not have as much sugar because I drink so much tea and coffee. These reduced sugar sachettes are the best because they are super convenient, taste great and are a little healthier
Jacobs treats on the go
Love everything about this product. easy to use at work or even just on the go when traveling. i always have one either in by bag or in my office drawer at work for those busy days when theres no time to go out to get some coffee.
This product is excellent. Great health benefits for those who don't like too much sugar, furthermore still contains the great and amazing flavour. I would recommend this to any one who wants to experience amazing cappuccino
My pick me up:)
My go to pick me up on a cold day No taste difference even with the reduced sugar Love that it is creamy/frothy and still has the lovely coffee taste Recommended to all coffee lovers out there
Mr Clumpy
Good taste. Nice and foamy. BUT... not very "brewer" friendly. It makes clumps quite easily, and not easy to get them dissolved. I guess taste is most important even though it takes more effort to prepare.
When I come bushed from work I love a cup of cappuccino with less sugar it quick and easy to make and taste is excellent I love Jacob's and would definitely recommend this excellent

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