Jacobs Vanilla Cappuccino Sachets 10 x 14.7 g

4,7 5 0 144 144 This Jacobs Vanilla Cappuccino is a flavoured instant coffee beverage with skimmed milk powder to give you a rich, frothy, and delightfully creamy sweet creation
Jacobs Vanilla Cappuccino Sachets 10 x 14.7 g


Absolute heaven in a hot drink
I use Nescafé I would have two cups to satisfy my coffee addiction I bought Jacobs on promotion and would never go back to Nescafé I cup and I am satisfied
Jacobs coffee sachet
Love coffee .love the way its packaged so it's easier to carry in my bag. Overall the taste is good
Cappuccino made easy
I love cappuccinos and I love Jacobs so this is a perfect combination. I do wish though that it was a bit stronger. I find if you only use one packet it is not strong enough for my taste.
This is our choice of coffee
We always drank the Nescafe sachets until the shop didn't have stock and I bought the Jacob's instead... After that I never went back to Nescafe, i found that the Jacob's is creamier, slightly stronger in taste and what really convinced me was that I didn't get heartburn with the Jacob's. I am a bit of a coffee snob and have tried all the range and the Jacobs Vanilla Cappuccino and Jacob's Original are firm favourites
My go to coffee in my bag
All I can say is I love my Jacobs coffee. My bag has coffee my car has coffee in them just to make sure I don’t miss my coffee kick
Luxury at affordable prices
The smell first of all is so intoxicating especially for a coffe fan the vanilla just adds an element of surprice....the smoothness of the beverage in your mouth the taste it leaves behind absolutely delightful
Jacobs Vanilla Cuppuccino
I really liked the product when I first tried it, I enjoy the richness, creamier and sweetness of the product. My entire family loved it and they always ask me to buy it when I do groceries. I recommend for anyone who hasn't yet tried it.
Quick cappuccino on the go
I love Jacobs coffee and I feel the same regarding the cappuccino. It’s nice and smooth but the foam does out quiet quickly.
Amazing product
Woow i can't stop praising this Jacobs Vanilla flavor i love it so much. I mean the taste and the creamy of it is amazing. Every one should try this product you will enjoy yourself.
Jacob's Vanilla Cappuccino Sachets
Love the flavor of this product, however, I've found that it does not dissolve properly no matter how much I stir and I end up with clumps in my cup.
The aroma and the test it's so incredibly. Can't go a day without it
Jacobs cuppacinno
I normally drink jacobs coffee with my family then decided to try these for work teabreaks and the vanilla did it for me now can’t take it to work cause everyone needs it
Best of the best. I highly recommend it. The taste, the aroma.
Vanilla cappuccino
Drink this daily. Love the froth that it creates when mixed with milk or water depending on one's preferences.
Rich and creamy! Slightly above the rest in taste!

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