4,5 5 0 149 149 New Johnson Duck 5in1 toilet cleaner brings all you need from a toilet cleaner: Removes stains, Leaves a fresh fragrance, Delivers advanced cleaning and Disinfects.
Johnson Duck 5in1 Advanced Cleaning Fizzy Lime
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Duck toilet cleaner is an excellent product.
When it comes to buying a toilet cleaning product, it normally depends of prices and specials available. Nevertheless, I am always glad if we can buy Duck toilet cleaner. I can truly see that this product helps keep our toilet clean. Its creative yet practical shaped nose helps get the cleaner into those hard to reach places of the toilet bowl.
Best product
I am very impressed with this products cleaning power. I am not embarrassed any more.
Johnson Duck 5in1 Advanced Cleaning Fizzy Lime
Leave your toilet smelling fresh and germ free. Affordable price as well do all in in cleans, kills germs and great refreshing smell.
Clean Toilet
My toilet has never been this clean, with welcoming fragnance that last long. I hope it kills all germs at my toilet looks clean.
New fizziness leaves the bowl even cleaner
Small changes to a great product - the fizziness helps clean the toilet even better and the flavour leaves a fresh smell after the sometimes challenging task.
Def reccomend
Smells great and cleans the toilet would Def reccomend
Great smell, great cleaning power...Worthy member of the Duck family!
Love the fresh smell it leaves in the toilet and bathroom and it's affordable!
Love the way the neck enables the liquid to reach right under the rim of the toilet. Lovely fresh smell making my toilet clean and germ free.
Good cleaning function. Fresh smell. However I still prefer lavender one though. Flowers seem to go better with toilet smells than citrus...
I only use DUCK, its an amazing product... it is for sure a 5 in one...and smells soooo clean
I only use Duck, it is the only product that you can leave in a stained toilet that takes every spot and stain away. Will recommend this product.
This is a great product. It is long lasting with an amazing aroma which leaves the entire bathroom smelling fresh.
Not really a fan prefer The Harpic and other bands..to be Honest
Duck my product of choice. I love a clean toilet and Duck is what i've alwayes used in my home, I am happy with its pleasant smell. i truly enjoy Duck toilet cleaner.

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