4,5 5 0 155 155 The 5 in 1 fresh disks lasts up to 600 flushes with continuous fragrances and prevents stains that harbor germs.
Johnson Duck 5IN1 Fresh Discs Active Citrus
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5 in 1 brilliant
It takes care of all problems in1 product.saves you money and time.just stick and forget.it does the job for you
Toilet duck
I normally use the hanging stick but this product is amazing for that week of freshness and clean smells im very fussy about cleaning and this is an amazing fresh clean product
Toilet Cleaner
Personally this doesnt work for me, i personally had difficulty keeping the gel 'pod' stuck to the bowl. 2 or 3 flushes and it flushes away. I have had friends and family who loves this and had success with it. I personally prefer the hook-over-the-bowl designs.
Works but does not last long
This product is easy and great smelling but unfortunately it does not last long and it seems like it cleans better in the area its placed and that the rest of the toiler does not get the benefit as much.
Not bad
I’ve used this it’s not the best it doesn’t always stick as the surface isn’t dry.. so not entirely happy with this product..
Been using this product for years now. It's amazing, love the scent and keeps the toilet bowl clean for longer
I love this product , the fragrance is fresh and long lasting and the discs last at least over two weeks before I need to change it . I would recommend it to friends and family
This product i never leave the store without, its the one toilet product that is hassle free and leave the bowl smelling fresh with every flush. it dont leave the bowl stained and dont wash away with the first flush.
Keeps my toilet smelling fresh all the time. Wonderful product indeed.
My bathroom smells fresh and clean. Always on the shopping list
I have been using this for a long period of time and it never disappoints..
I absolutely love this products. Keeps your toilet fresh at all times.
This product leaves my bathroom with a fresh smell all day long! What a wonderful product.
this product keeps my whole bathroom smelling fresh and clean
The smell of this product is so good, I dont worry when guests want to use my rest room.

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