4,4 5 0 89 89 The 5 in 1 fresh disks lasts up to 600 flushes with continuous fragrances and prevents stains that harbor germs.
Johnson Duck 5IN1 Fresh Discs Active Citrus
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the smell is fantastic and it lasts very long! keeps the toilet fresh and clean.
Unlike other toilet detergents, this one is the least messy. Smells nice, looks tidy and easy to apply. Will definitely recommend this product.
I love these discs as they keep the toilet clean and smelling fresh. The only downside to this is that when you wash the toilet, you have to wash around it and i don't like that
Wow love the smell and it leaves the toilet clean and shining after every flash! Just love the citrus fragrance.
this is a must on my grocery list because it really keeps my loo clean and smelling good also. My husband likes the different flavours and then puts different colours all around the inside of the toilet.
Oh my this product is amazing and the smell is great and it lasts.
Use this all the time and the Citrus fragrance is by far the nicest ! Fuss free too, just make sure the spot where you apply it is dry
I tried the ones from a couple years back and they were ok. Would like to try them again
keeps the whole room smelling fresh, flush after flush
I purchased these fresh discs and it leaves my toilet smelling lovely and inviting to spend time their. Wont mind some samples for my friends to also try.
this product is amazing. makes the entire bathroom smell fresh and it lasts. I love using it. I highly recommend it as is also quite reasonably priced
Convenient, no need to worry about cleaning or removing that toilet block baskets. Helps maintain a clean bowl and it keeps the bathroom smelling fresh
I absolutely love the smell of this product!! It makes my toilet smell fresh and clean the whole week! Will recommend to anyone.
I always use this product. Its easy to apply and lasts long. You can smell it throughout the whole bathroom.
I have used it and it is not very effective, Bleaching part is not working well

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