4,8 5 0 83 83 Baby caress is a warm soft fragrance that reminds you of the sweet soft scent of a baby's skin. The fragrance is soothing and comforting allowing you to feel safe and relaxed.
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Sweet sensation
This is a great product. The sweet scent really makes the room whole. It reminds me of baby powder but with a sweetness
Lovely fragrance
I tried it, and I loved it :) Thanks hometester for always showing us whats new :)
Smells amazing
I love the fact that it makes my house smell so good.
Glade air freshner
love the last lasting smell and many flavours i can even use it around my baby no strong smells just long lasting smells
Great product
Great scent I love it and it’s not too expensive it’s a thumbs up for me
Great fragrance
This product has a great range of scents and is priced very well. It also lasts a long time. The only thing I'd change is the spray nozzle button. Sometimes it breaks off and then there is no way to use the rest of the product
Leaves a refreshing smell, nothing more nothing less!
Amazing sh*t
It’s amazing to have in your home, work environment and literally anywhere else. It creates a fresh smell to fight against the horrid ones you may be surrounded with, letting me breathe a little better lol.
All about smells
Having kids we all can relate to the vast variety of smells we are exposed to with our bambinos.... when it is diaper changing time Glade surely has a way of making it all better. Fresh aromas
Love it!
I love the smell. We keep it in the bathroom and it eliminates any odour
Air freshner
It is really worth it, buying this product not only does it smell amazing but it lasts really long and it doesn't mess up a child's chest either so both y boys love it and so do I.
Great smell
It has nice subtle smell, so refreshing and it's my new favorite.. Lavender.. I'm so inlove
Johnson Glade Secrets Baby Caress Air-freshener
The fresh smell it leaves in the house. I spray a little after cleaning and the whole house smells so lovely.
fresh smell
Glade baby caress brings freshness in my house, love it. It smells nice
Glade air freshner
The baby caress is a delightful fragrance which eliminates any unwanted odour. I find it overall to be a quality product. I wish it would come in toilet blocks though as I really don't like the smell of typical toilet blocks.

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