4,8 5 0 136 136 Baby caress is a warm soft fragrance that reminds you of the sweet soft scent of a baby's skin. The fragrance is soothing and comforting allowing you to feel safe and relaxed.
Johnson Glade Secrets Baby Caress Air-freshener
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It's a great product, great for using in the lavatory
awesome smell.Has a long lasting freshness. i love it.
Glade baby caress
It's the best . I use it in my kids rooms and they smell devine. I had tried other air fresheners and they didn't work right.
Smells great
Smells amazing and not overwhelming like other scents. Love it
Smells amazing at first spray
It does have that baby powder smell that I find great but it does not last for as long as I wanted it to. I would give it a max of 1 hour before the smell completely fades away. I would advise you use it in small rooms.
Lovely Smell
I rarely find an air freshener that I like and this just smells divine.
Glade makes me glad
It's the only air freshener I use since I became a home owner. I appreciate that the bottle lasts quite long and that the smell lingers, leaving your home smelling fresher for longer.
good product
nice scent eliminate odours keep home fresh smelling
Well received by work collegues
I am responsible for buying the men's bathroom cleaning products at work. I was told not to buy funny "foo-foo" smelling air freshener. I bought this one and it was very well received. Was actually told by a few of the men they recommend it to there households. So definitenly a winner. And yes i do use it at my own house.
Love the smell
Me and my household have always used Glad fresheners. This smells very nice and its gentle and just amazing.
Gentle fragrance
Great smell and gentle fragrance on my baby's smell and nose.
Lovely scent
Great product, this is refreshing and leaves the room with a lovely scent. I would recommend it to anyone who loves having their homes smelling beautifully.
Glade air freshener
Love then smell of it, it leaves the room smelling so fresh for longer
smell good
i bought it for my mom to use it everytime in her house, especially in toilets but my daughter uses it her room for good smell.
Keeps my loo smelling fresh and i also spray on m curtains after cleaning it give thet frah smell in t house

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