4,7 5 0 447 447 It delights your senses with this luxurious body cream enriched with yogurt concentrate, honey and oats. Infused with a cosy fragrance, it's non-greasy formula nourishes and comforts dry skin, keeping it moisturised for 48-hours.
Johnson's Vita-Rich Smoothies Comforting Body Cream with Yogurt Honey & Oats
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leaves skin soo soft and smells beautiful and perfect for the whole family
Great quality product
This lotion leaves ones skin feeling smooth and hydrated ...it in my opinion is suitable for someone who loves their skin feeling extra soft,an impeccable product .
Johnson Rita rich soothies body cream
The best smelling fragranced lotion ever, I love it
Great product
The fragrance is so appealing , leaving the skin feeling fresh. Lasts a long time.
Great for the whole family
We tried it , it was sooo refreshing to get a product that is non greasy and also suitable for our teenagers skin too.
Glowing skin
This is absolutely perfect for my dry skin. Since ive started using body cream my skin is rich and soft
Gentle and softener cream
The lotion is very rich and nourishing. Perfect for the whole family, its not harsh on the skin very soft and locks in the moisture for a very long time. I could buy it over and over again
I'm Moleboheng
Oh wow 👌 ❤️ I absolutely love this product, it's actually the best in the market I'm telling you. Its rich and creamy and leaves your skin moisturized and shiny all day long.
I have tried this cream as i aiffer from dry skin at times. Since trying it i have never had issues with dry skin and especially now with having to sanitize my hands so much it rrally helps alot.
best buddy for teenagers
My teenage girl won't swap this product for anything in the world, rejuvenates her skin so magically
It's so smooth in the skin. I don't have dry skin anymore. It's gives a long lasting glow.
Intense Moisture
The scent of this product is sensational. You are moisturized the whole day. This helped with the challenge I had of dry skin. Thanks for this wonderful product.
Smooth and moist
I buy about 3 of these every month. My kids love it. It silky smooth on the skin and keeps me moisturised the whole day.its rich and smells wonderful.
Soft skin
I have tried this and I never been happier, my skin was soft, smooth and ooh the smell was out if this world
Soft and light yet moisturizing
Loved it. Loved the fragrance and the moisturizer. It kept my skin moist and it didn't dry out.

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