Johnson's Vita-Rich Smoothies Comforting Body Cream with Yogurt Honey & Oats

4,7 5 0 696 696 It delights your senses with this luxurious body cream enriched with yogurt concentrate, honey and oats. Infused with a cosy fragrance, it's non-greasy formula nourishes and comforts dry skin, keeping it moisturised for 48-hours.
Johnson's Vita-Rich Smoothies Comforting Body Cream with Yogurt Honey & Oats


Vita Rich
Your skin will be nourished and moisturized all day long. Say goodbye to those dry skin
Okay Johnson's!
Love this! It absorbs into your skin quickly leaving it smooth and moisturized the whole day. It has a great smell... Forget about dry skin with this ❤️
Dry skin for who?
Very moisturizing and gentle keeping skin irresistible smooth and moisturized for whole day, i love thickness and consistency of product it really is amazing
Absorbs easily
A good product. Quickly absorb to the skin and smells nice.
Dryness gone
This is so ideal for dry skin my skin was always so itchy but once I started using this product I literally felt moisture locking into my skin.... Excellent
Great product
I love it, it smells nice and it left the skin so soft and moisturized
Doesn't leave skin oily or matte. Perfectly smooth and smells amazing
Lightweight moisture
This lotion is lightweight, whist remaining moisturising.
Creamy lotion
It’s creamy and has a great mellow scent. It’s different to other creams leaving your skin feeling moisturised. Would recommend it.
The best
Its the best and smells amazing I love it because I can use it for both myself and my kids
Body cream
It smells so nice and leave my skin feeling so soft
Silky soft skin
It leaves my skin so soft and smelling very good.
Johnsons vita rich
I love it smells so nice and make my skin feel so soft
Gorgeous Smell
Johnsons body cream is not my regular product, but I have tried this product once when my own favourite was not available for purchase. The cream is smooth and absorbing, maybe a bit on the heavy side. I like the fragrance of oats and honey, but find that it doesn't last as long as I would like.
It works well and it doesn't make me sweat. I love their different smells.

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