Johnson's Vita-Rich Smoothies Comforting Body Cream with Yogurt Honey & Oats

4,7 5 0 751 751 It delights your senses with this luxurious body cream enriched with yogurt concentrate, honey and oats. Infused with a cosy fragrance, it's non-greasy formula nourishes and comforts dry skin, keeping it moisturised for 48-hours.
Johnson's Vita-Rich Smoothies Comforting Body Cream with Yogurt Honey & Oats


Johnson's Body Cream
I am a huge fan of Johnson's products. I have not had the opportunity to try this one but I will next next when hubby goes shopping. my kids since babyhood to adulthood use Johnson's love it... Don't forget the baby powder too...
A must have
Simply amazing keeps skin soft and silky all day, a must have on every shopping list
I love this sooo mosturising and smells devine
Happy with the product
Very good for my skin, I love de texture and the smell. Coz I have a dry skin and now I no longer have a dry skin product so far I'm satisfied with it. I would recommend it to a friend
Keeps skin fresh and soft longer and it smells amazing
Johnsons vita rich
love the johnsons vita rich range, leaves skin silky smooth all day !
Johnson's - Vita Rich
hmmmm, no, I put some Johnson's body cream on and nearly slid off the bed, way to oily and my skin said no thanx, and refused to absorb anymore, and i can assure you, i did not lather it on, like sunscreen. Anyway, not a huge fan
Best for dry skin,and the smell so amazing especially the pawpaw flavor
j&j best body cream
J&J Vita Rich range is amazing, I love the smell and how it keeps my body healthy and well moisturized. It's not greasy, absorbs easily, feels like butter on your skin. Great product and Great value for money.
Smells amazing! Keeps your skin soft and nourished for long! Most of all it is affordable! Thick lotion not watery / runny (makes it feel cheap when runny!) Makes your skin feel healthy and velvety!
Best ever body lotion
I started using this product a month ago and I'm already seeing a difference. My skin is soft, gained complexion and no longer dry. The smell last longer 😍
This product speak for its self my skin flourishes woth it and shines very well
All skin types friendly
My 1 year old son and I suffer from dry skin, and we have tried a number of products with no luck. I came across this 8th wonder the Johnson's Vita-Rich Smooth. It hasn't only change our lives, but surely changed our skins for the better. We now have Vita-Rich Smooth skins.
Leave body smooth and shining. Removes dark marks and spots
Love the glow
I love the Johnsons smoothie range, fragrance is exceptional and long lasting. My skins felt moisturised and soft but did not last all day unfortunately, my legs in particular became a bit ashy.

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