Jungle Oats Oatso Easy Variety Pack

4,7 5 0 231 231 "Jungle Oatso Easy Variety Pack contains 100% wholegrain oats (with no additives or preservatives) which are rolled and steamed. It is not only a quick and easy breakfast, rich in complex carbohydrates and pure oat bran, but also a healthy ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes. Jungle Oats is high in carbohydrates which helps maintain energy levels for the day ahead. Jungle Oats is a whole grain cereal and an excellent source of dietary fibre, which may maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Jungle Oats is an excellent source of Vitamin B1 which assists with the release of energy. Jungle Oats contains magnesium which helps our bodies to make protein and release energy from muscles."<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/jungle-oatso-easy.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Jungle Oats Oatso Easy Variety Pack


Healthy and simple breakfast
This was the best breakfast I carried on my trip abroad simple just added water or hot milk with some bananas and there had a healthy brekkie.
I like it, it my favorite meal for break fast it easy to prepare and it very tasty
Jungle oats
Very tasty and easy to make, filling breakfast and nutritious
Convenience in a packet
Easy to make, tasty and the perfect portion. It is our go to for cereal/breakfast. Wholegrain is easy to digest and aids in frequent bowel action.
easy jungle
I use to have problem with my stomach and a friend recommend I try wholegrain products. because of the morning rush I can not cook porridge and I tried this. I can even prepare it at work. well deserve to be recommended.
Breakfast made easy
The pre-packaged Jungle Oatso-easy range has made my breakfast mornings so much easier! Each packet makes a generous bowl of porridge and the flavours are delicious! My favourites are the Caramel and Creamy flavours.
Obvious 😁
I Love this one it is fast and essy especially when going out and running out of time
Healthy convenience for on the go people
I was quite satisfied with how quick the oats cooked, it was not grainy at all, especially with people having so little time in the morning for a healthy breakfast, this proves to be a better alternative. Also the variety of flavours available was quite pleasing. I especially enjoyed the apple cinnamon flavour. I just hope that tthe amount of preservatives and added chemicals remain low or none at all.
its yummy delicious and filling if eaten correctly could aid weightloss
So variable.
The portion size is perfect and the fact that there is a variety of flavors is great. I am picky with eating the same thing over and over, but with the different choices I don't feel that way. The best part is, if you find one flavor you like you can go and purchase it separately.
Oatso Easy
I found these little sachets of oats easy and convenient to use when you on the go or rushing. Just add hot water and a good stir and breakfast is easy. Love that there are a variety of flavors to choose from.
Kids love these to bits. Very good portion and tastes amazing.
Worth every cent
What a quality product with the traditional wholesomeness at a fraction of the time to make. The kids love the surprise of a different flavor every morning and I like chucking it into my bag to enjoy at work.
I package this and eat when I get to work in the morning due to time. It quick to prep and very handy. Love that it is packed with nutrition and very healthy. Just add hot water and breakfast is ready
Quick and easy
The oats variety pack is good as it is quick and easy to make but I wish they can add more flavors and take out the caramel

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