Jungle Plus High Protein Porridge Chocolate Flavoured

4,5 5 0 79 79 High in protein, 19 amino acids, high in energy,high in fibre, high in omega 3, high in iron & zinc and contains oat beta glucan.<br> Click the <a href=" https://www.clubshop.co.za/jungle-oats-high-protein-porridge.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Jungle Plus High Protein Porridge Chocolate Flavoured


My pre and post work out shake. It's delicious and gives me so much energy.
Love it.
My husband's favorite. I can never imagine his day beginning without it.
Yummy porridge
If you know you ,you know ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lovely breakfast
Love it
Not too bad...i wouldve like the choc tasteto be abit stronger
Jungle Plus
Very yummy, easy to make,full of fibre & protein i highly recommend it & also gives me energy.
Jungle Plus
I love that it is high in protein and high in energy that gives the kick to kick start your day. I love the fact that it is convenient and very portable. I do recommend it to my friends.
Love this
This is my and hubbys go to cereal in the morning. Fills us up and keeps us fueled till lunch. Creamy and has great taste
Was given by one of the testers. Strawberry is divine.
Love this!
This is the one I love! Easy to make and very convenient. Easy to use and can be added to smoothies.
Not bad
I eat this porridge after my works outs. It is good, tastes okay
Jungle oats chocolate
Didnt taste well for me. Maybe its because it was my first time
I recently bought this oats after seeing it on this platform. I love the packaging and that I can ave one for the office
Supplement Replacement
I am adding this as my supplement before training mixing this half/half protein shake and Jungle plus
Jungle plus
Delicious and tasty, I had it with plain yoghurt. Very filling, the best recommended by a good friend of mine. All the kids at home love it, breakfast time it's fun time.
Better in a shake
I received a sample from a friend. I made it with hot milk but didn't quite enjoy the texture nor the sweetener in it. I then tried it in a shake which I found to be much better.

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