Kellogg's Rice Krispies

2,8 5 0 482 482 New and improved vanilla flavour, made with multigrains and a source of 9 vitamins & iron. No artificial colourants & flavourants.
Kellogg's Rice Krispies


Rice Krispies
Great for my son he likes, but I am not a fan of this product the flavor does not sit well with my pallet, I would prefer a chocolate flavor. would not recommend for adults.
I love me some rice crispies
A crispy cereal that the whole family can enjoy. Easy to make in the morning when we are all in a rush.
kellogg's rice krispies
i dont buy this often, i find it to be a bit pricy and also too sweet for the children
Bring back the original!
I received a huge shock when picking up a pack of Rice Krispies, only to discover they were vanilla and not the original, which they no longer produce. The cereal is extremely sweet and artificial tasting, and is still sitting in the cupboard 1 year later.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
That how my daughter enjoy rice krispies she eat them all day, that her favorite food she just love them to death, she would really love to get a test.
Not my favourite
I found the vanilla flavour overpowering, I much prefer the subtle flavour of the original Rice Krispies
Rice Krispies
Very tasty, my child loves it, it makes my like easy with the breakfast in the morning
Rice Krispies
This cereal brings back so many childhood memories. As a child I became excited when my parents added milk for the snap, crackle and pop. It tastes like home.
Bring back the original
I think they must bring back the original. We have not bought this for a while because my child doesn't like the vanilla flavor.
Amazing taste,my small kids love it,its 1 of the few porridges I must have at home,they eat it anytime of the day,i myself love it,this is what they give to eat at the hospital, after I have had my c-sections,I absolutely look forward to it !
Rice Krispies goodies
My kids Favourite and the added vanilla gives that lovely and tasty and kids love it and thy eat it without milk. I would not change a thing about this brand and I do recommend it.
These are way too sweet. There really isn’t much to say.
Product is not the same... more growth and development enhancement has definitely changed the taste.
Bring back the old ones
Multigrain feels almost fatty in your mouth. Nothing like the original most of us grew up with and is far too sweet.
No need to add sugar
This is a nice sweet new taste of Rice Krispies, lately working from home the kids want you to fix them a snack every hour, giving them this Rice Krispies does the trick. No need to give them sugar to add, because you know that sugar will be all over the counter top. they just need to add milk and its done. life saver during Lockdown.

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