Kellogg's Rice Krispies

2,8 5 0 520 520 New and improved vanilla flavour, made with multigrains and a source of 9 vitamins & iron. No artificial colourants & flavourants.
Kellogg's Rice Krispies


rice krispies
I love the taste and it goes well with rice krispies treats. I will buy it again
Kelloggs rice k
Loved by my kids. They can't have enough of it.
It's ok
Bought it for my daughter, she took tw months to finish it, so I guess I she doesn't like it, she only liked the box with cartoon 😅😅😅😅😅
It's a good brand and very delicious my children enjoys eating it as a morning cereal and an evening snack
Rice Crispy vanilla
It is nice love it at first and something different than the usual taste also love strawberry and chocolate rice crispys
Daughter's favorite
Yoo My daughter's favorite breakfast ,they dont even last for 3 weeks . She want them in morning and evening
Coco pops
They dont last for 2weeks my little daughter call me every morning Mama Cocolaise 😂😂😂
Kelloggs rice krispies
It taste really nice but a box dont last as the kids eat and finish it in one day.They say its not filling at all hence the double portions.
Kellogg's Rice Crispy
My children enjoyed this product very much. I liked that it is less sweeter than the Coco pops. It also made a very nice sweet treat when we made rice crispy bars for a birthday party.
Not good
There is no snap crackle or pop, just soggy mush. There is so much added sugar it's no longer suitable for kids and it's no longer gluten free.
I prefer the original recipe
I prefer the old 100% rice grain product with no added sugar.
Rice Krispies
These have become my son's favourite, he loves them so much.
Snap crackle pop. The kids just love rice crispies.
My kids favorite.
My kids love brand and they don't mind eating 3 times a day.
Not the healthest option
I honestly felt hungry within 2 hours of eating it. Not the best option to go for if you are planning on doing heavy duty labour.

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