Kellog's Froot Loops Moana

4,1 5 0 101 101 Corn, Wheat and Oat cereal with fruit flavour. No artificial colourants and flavourings.
Kellog's Froot Loops Moana


Cereal with class
My kids love this cereal, the colors and round shape makes it classic. It definitely makes the younger kids learn about colors, and it does not require any sweetner of sort.
Colorful and Yummy!
The kids love it! I don't add any sugar to it as it already has the necessary sugar. My 3 year old gets to play "what's the name of the color" too, so I guess it's a win/win in terms of nutrition and teaching (Hahaha!).
What can I say other than YUM! My kids loves it, my husband loves it and I love it!
I love Froot Loops!
I love the fruity flavor! And the crunchiness. I love cereal and I probably have tried every cereal in SA.
Froot loops
Even as an adult this is awesome cereal and will always be one of my favorites. Great taste
Froot Loops
my child loves the flavours, good cereal for the breakfast
Froot Loops
the packaging makes it easy for the kids to enjoy this product and it very attractive. The price is also inviting. the fruit that you enjoy will filling the tummy is a plus. I do recommend it.
Colourful Breakfast
Loving the brightness and Colours Kellogs fruit loops brings to our family's breakfast loving it :)
Froot Loops
Kellogg's froot Loops moana are my son's favorite snack, yes I said snack because he will eat them for the whole day. When I do my monthly groceries, he always reminds me not to forget them.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Love Love Love , i am a breakfast person , but Froot Loops i can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner , i just enjoy every minute of the taste my mouth. Buy one box for yourself and another for the family members to share ( LOL) . Recommended.
Hubbys best friend
This cereal is my hubbys best friend, not moana but the Froot Loops, says it reminds him of when he was a child, however he says they have again changed the recipe that has more sugar.
yummy froot loops
My son just love the kelloggs Froot Loops. Buy it every end of the month for him
kids love it
they love the flavours, they go insane for it, its not very expensive so it lasts long
Tasty. Choice of a pensioner as ensures he gets both nutrition and taste for the day.
Kellog's Froot Loops
Very great that Kellogg's explores different kinds of packaging frootloops. We are going through the Unicorn phase so are enjoying the unicorn frootloops. Thanks Kellogg's for making mommy mornings easier.

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