Kellog's Froot Loops Moana

4,1 5 0 102 102 Corn, Wheat and Oat cereal with fruit flavour. No artificial colourants and flavourings.
Kellog's Froot Loops Moana


Kellog's Froot Loops
Very great that Kellogg's explores different kinds of packaging frootloops. We are going through the Unicorn phase so are enjoying the unicorn frootloops. Thanks Kellogg's for making mommy mornings easier.
We love them
Fruit loops in my house are everybody’s favorite the boys love the state they are very nutritious
Too much sugar
My kids didn't like these at all, far too sweet and sugary
Fruit loops are very tasty, even i use to have them when i was little.
Kellogs Froot Loops
Froot Loops used to be my ultimate favourite cereal for breakfast, snacks and movie binge-ing, however I have noticed the quality of it has slipped. The loops are not as flavourful as before and has a rather bland monotone flavour, they are not coated consistently as before in the sugar coating. A disappointment to fond childhood tastes
Favourite in my household
This is my monthly buy, I love that it tastes good and not bland like most other cereals, the leftover milk in your bowl also tastes good once you finish up the cereal. Beautiful packaging, probably aimed at the kids market but as an adult i can safely say that i will always buy this product.
Kellog's Froot loops Moana
I personally used to loooove froot loops but these are dry and just terrible, but my niece loves them.
My kids love Froot Loops but it tastes like cardboard, not as great as it use to be.
My Kids absolutely love this, its nice a an sweet i could never have a problem with my kids not eating, my son would have it anytime of the day
I love it. Glad to see it is available again, Brings back very good memories, and I will never be too old for this :) :) In my eyes not only a good breakfast but also a late night snack and comfort snack :P
Froot Loops is super awesome and tastes great. But Kellogs has just been getting a bit expensive.
Lovely for the sweet tooth person. Nice snack for when you have the muchies for something inbetween meals. Kids favourite snack and breakfast.
My daughter love froot loops , I have bought it 3 times and the fisrt 2 times we had found the spoon in , which my daughter loves to suck the milk up with , but the last time we were disappointed as there was no spoon inside even though the box said there was .
My little boy , loved the Moana spoon , however he wasn't a fan of the fruit loops.... he tries it and then refused to eat it for breakfast , he prefers coco pops
This is an nutritious breakfast and snack, would really love some samples to share with friends

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