4,6 5 0 30 30 Coconut flakes with crispy wafer fingers covered in milk chocolate.
KitKat Coconut
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KitKat coconut
I love coconut and I love KitKat so this is a great combination for me I love the taste,hope they keep making this flavour
My favorite two ingredients together, chocolate and coconut. Great taste.Could be priced a little more in line as the normal kit kat
I battled to find this for a while, finally found it at my local pick n pay store. Its delicious, I love the coconut inside. Will definitely rate as a winner !!
All about ME!
Finally found this product in PnP, we tried it out and enjoyed it, it tasted like an old school coconut wheel.
Wow what a difference experience, delicious but different. We were pleasantly surprised as even our kids loved it.
Love or coconut
I enjoyed this chocolate, mixture between chocolate and coco nut. Best combo ever. I enjoy it and will recommend it.
hubby loved it
he loves coconut anything and of course kit kat is his favourite so we had to try it, and he was so impressed by it. it satisfied all the right cravings
Not as impressed
I love most chocolates, but would not buy any Kit Kat for myself. My mother loves to buy then for the 'take a break' notes on my desk at work. I got one from her early Oct 2019 and was not impressed with it. I would still not buy any Kit Kat for myself, but this one would be last on my list. Normal kit kat are great for our marketing strategy with new clients though! 😊
Bad idea
This is not the best flavour idea for a chocolate at all - even if you are a fan of coconut. It tastes like suntan lotion. The flavour of the coconut can be less. I would not recommend this to anyone I know.
A family favourite with a pleasant twist
Being a kitkat lover I just had to try this, and I am so glad I did. This twist to the original just adds a nice depth of flavour to an already great taste. A must try!!!!!!!!!!
Kit Kat Coconut
Very delicious. I was sceptical at first but I gave in and bough it. No regrets. I love the coconut flavour and I'm certainly buying it again.
kitkat coconut
i am a chocolate lover kitkat is one of my favourites love the new coconut flavour delicious, tasty and so so good kit kat bubbles is a great idea but i love it just the way it is
New fav
Literally tried it today as work snack. Giving my favorite bar quite a bit of competition!
Flavored KitKat
I tried this the first time when were on the way to visit my daughter in Pringle bay ... absolutely loved it ... not so much a chocolate lover but KitKat is much more than "just another chocolate" ... I love that it has bits of coconut and is not just "coconut flavoured"
So Delish....
Not only am I a lover of coconut, I absolutely love this Coconut flavoured kit kat. Soooo Amazing

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