4,6 5 0 121 121 It is the best way to make your lunchtime braai last all day.Shake the chilli beef flavour on braai meat, in marinades, casseroles, just about anything, and make a meal worth talking about.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/aromat-chilli-beef.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Knorr Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning
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We love the taste of Chilli Beef Aromat. It is on our shopping list every month
love it
i love this product, its great on egg and salads. will sure recommend it
Aromat Chilli
First time using it on my mexican food bowls, Sprinkled it over the sweetcorn and it changed the taste to almost realdeal on mexican corn
Wow! love the taste. You have to try it on fried eggs. Sprinkle on slap chips and let your tastebuds take you to another place.
Must-have in your spice rack
Ever since this product launched my home has never been without it. The best is a pork neck chop salted with JUST Chilli Beef. Perfect!
knorr aromat chilli beef
You never go wrong! a few sprinkles on your food and you ready to go. it leaves you wanting more, especially if you like your meal chilly!
Aromat CHilli
I love it with steak, it makes my steak so tasty I just looooove it
Aromat Chilli
It is Awesome, love it with grilled meat, also goes well with cooked cabbage.
Chill aromat
I’ve taste this but it is not as good as the original
I have used this product ever since it was launched. Great additive for that extra bite but not too strong especially in meat dishes.
Chilli aromat
It spare my salt. I enjoy the aroma chilli beef seasoning best with boiled eggs. It really taste Devine.
Knorr Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning
Have been using this for a while, you can basically put it oneverything. Use it most often to spice my meat together with other herbs and spices. I am actually getting the refill packet on a continous basis now.
Aromat All Rounder
I've been using Chili Beef Aromat for over 2 years now since a friend recommended it to me. It is definitely an all rounder in the spice kingdom. I use it when cooking chicken, mince, pork chops, etc. It really adds great flavour to your meat whether you use it when braai'ing, making an oven roast or stew.
Would love to go even hotter
I love this but wish there was an even hotter version.
love the saltiness, i have now stopped using salt since i started using it and that chilli flavour works like magic

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