4,6 5 0 122 122 It is the best way to make your lunchtime braai last all day.Shake the chilli beef flavour on braai meat, in marinades, casseroles, just about anything, and make a meal worth talking about.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/aromat-chilli-beef.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Knorr Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning
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A little chilli for my hubby
Got this for my husband to try as he loves anything chili. He said it wasn't as hot as it can be, but it was tasty over anything that I cooked for him. My husband especially enjoyed it over potatoes! My husband wasn't too impressed with it over meat though, as it was not hot enough. But we finished the bottle and I must get him some more... Its worth a try, even I tried some,but I am not a chilli fan.
Have tried it.
Full of flavour and it taste good.I've been using Knorr Aromat chilli beef seasoning for all my cookings. It's one of my favorite seasonings, and it can be used on everything. I used it on salads, fish, soups, and so on.
Full of flavour
I enjoy this flavour of Aromat, especially on fried eggs
Tasty Aromat
Aromatherapy Chilli taste very good with boiled eggs plus a little bit of lemon juice. Try it also in your gravy and potatoes😋.Yummy
My hubby loves aromat on everything from grills to popcorn. It is a must in out house.
10 / 10
I love this product I will always have it in my house
Hubby loves it
Habby makes sure I buy it every month, he eats it on every thing. But loves it on hot chips. Definitely a great addition to your spice collection.
I found it to be too salty for me. I'm heavy handed when it comes to using spices so I guess that didn't help.
With Aromat ,it's UNBELIEVABLE!
Aromat chilli beef is my favorite I literally have it with everything . I like to add it I'm potatoes weather they are mashed , boiled or fried. I always have Aromat in my cupboard I make sure that I never run out.
We love it!
This is the favourite in my house, we buy this flavour more than the original. Its tasty!
Oh boy we love this, we use all of the flavours , this is on my shopping list every month. Definitely worth trying and absolutely delicious on Potatoes
aro aromat
The aromat is not tasty and is way to salty and has an over powering taste.
Chilli Beef Aromat
Ooh...!!The Chilli Beef Aromat is my absolute favourite...use it on all my dishes....struggling sometimes to get hold of it as it sells out fast!
Have you ever!!!! ever tried it on Boiled Short Ribs, Add that then stir fry!!! its the best delicious thing i have ever eaten. i recommend it 100 with no doubt that you will also enjoy it.
Aromat chilli is good especially on my half done eggs and fish.

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