4,7 5 0 39 39 Add a Knorrox Curry Vegetable Flavour stock cube to enhance the flavour in your mixed vegatable curry.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/knorrox-vegetable-curry-stock-cubes.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Knorrox Curry Vegetable Flavour Stock Cubes
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Curry wonderful
This is my best stock cube flavour. It makes my stews taste great and thickens them. I also like how it makes the salt taste lesser because I have a problem of adding too much salt.
Love this
I love these Cubs, they intense the flavour in curries not just in heat but making it taste more healthier
This product will definitely be recommended to friends and family and my family loves the flavor after I've used it in food
amazing knorrox cubes
I love the flavour, aroma it brings out to any stew that I add it to, I just love it.
Knorrox curry vegetable flavour
Great aroma and makes my curry taste so good its a must have
Great stock tubes
Knorr vegetable stocks tubes are my favorite I just add one on my curry it also has a great taste and flavor
A must-have product in your cupboard!!! it enhances the flavor of your dish. love it.
Knorrox Curry Vedge
I have tried this flavour and I really loved it I don't like strong food it must be very mild for me but this I could face and taste very delicious I must say aroma and taste number one.
vegatable curry stock cube
I like this product it help advance my curry potato it add extra love to my own curry i make with it
Love it
This is must to try and you will love it, has a great aroma.
Lower in Salt
This product tasted good and has reduced sodium content. It's about time we got a variation in stock cube flavors to choose from.
Knorrox Curry vegetable stock cubes
Tried it ,like it very tasteful.you can never go wrong with knorrox cubes
Just add new curry vegetables flavor stock cube in your curry to enhance the flavor in your mixed vege curry. Please try it you will enjoy it!
best food flavouring
great taste, great flavour!!! always excited to test new flavours....
Love it
A must have product in your cupboard!!! it enhances the flavor of your dish. love it.

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