4,7 5 0 61 61 Add a Knorrox Curry Vegetable Flavour stock cube to enhance the flavour in your mixed vegatable curry.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/knorrox-vegetable-curry-stock-cubes.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Knorrox Curry Vegetable Flavour Stock Cubes
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Love it!!
Bought this after a friend recommendation and I am loving it. I love the take and the smell.
Knorrox stock cubes
Very tasteful, easy and lots of flavor, I love to use the chicken cubes as well ,easy for soups and stews.
Love the aroma
I was tired of using beef or chicken stock cubes, so I tried the curry vegetable flavor, and I totally loved it! I love the aroma and the taste, my family loves it too.
Knorrox Curry vegetable flavour stock cube
I must say you can taste the flavour of this stock, it really add value to the meal. Will keep on using this product
This is perfect for all my stews, I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.
Go for it
Adds great flavour to food, the aroma is divine, it however lacks salt as opposed to the other flavours in this range.
I will never stop using it
I will never stop using it in my veggies again as well as the original Knorrox Veggies Stock. I did not receive a sample but bought it myself
Knorrox Curry Vegetable Flavour Stock Cubes
This is the best stock cubes for me, you can taste the flavour and it works every time. This is a handy product to have in the house
good flavour
Not too strong for curry, best use for light meals.
I’m sure my curry will taste much better with these extra flavors
I have not seen this product on the shelves yet, but we do buy the chicken and beef stocks regularly.
I love to cook with Knorrox stock cubes......I love all the flavours….will be trying this one soon
Like all other cubes from Knorrox, it will certainly add the right flavor to your favourite stew
will try it during the course of the week when i make some curry
Use Knorrox stock cubes everyday but haven't tried this particular flavour . If the usual ones like beef and chicken are soooooo good I can only but guess that this flavour must be packed with the goodness of the others as well. :)

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