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Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce
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Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce
Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce its makes my malay curry taste better
Lovely taste, real Cape Malay flavour and the price is right too. Thank you!
love it
i have tried many different brands of mixed veg but KOO mixed vegetable is best one i have tried it tastes absolutely amazing and curry sauce is perfect for filling pies.
Koo Veggies
We use this regularly and it is a awesome product to use when you are in a hurry and do not have time to clean fresh veggies to add to the curry mince.
Delicious addition to a cottage pie
I needed to spice up my cottage pie, and found the tin in my cupboard. It added the most delicious aroma
Mixed Tin Vegetables
This is an awesome product. I like to add it to my mince when making vetkoek. It adds great taste and aromas to your meal. Would most definately recommend using this product
Koo Mixed Vegetables
Love this product, it just add that extra flavor to the meal. and it is easy to use.No need for chopping any veggies as it is already in the can and ready to use. Will keep on using this product
Koo Mixed Curried Veggies
I dont buy much tinned food, but I love Koo Mixed Cape Malay Curried Veggies. So versatile and great taste.
Curry Mixed Vegetable
i Never cooked my curries without this product be it a mince curry or a chicken curry, it brings such an awesome flavour to my food and have recommended to friends and they are loving it
This veggie curry is great on its own or in a vegetable soup
Koo Mixed vegetable curry
This is great product to use with a braai. It is hearty and taste great.
Koo is the best
I enjoy all KOO products. This is definitely a winner.
Simple but Tasty
This product can be cooked in different ways. My favourite is in a curry style just add potato & you have a great quick meal
great with vetkoek mince
we used this KOO mix over the weekend in the vetkoek mince and it was really tasty!! i will definitely use it again!!
I have used other vegetable curry brands before but not this one as yet. Cape malay curry, mmmm sounds delicious. Would love to try it.

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