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Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce
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My cupboards are never without curry mixed veg have not seen the cape malay curry sauce in our supermarkets would love to try it
Have not tried this out yet, have seen it in the shop. KOO product is a little bit pricey, if it is on sale I will buy it
Seeing it's winter, this new flavor will go great with curries and stews. I would definately buy it :)
Looks appetizing, would love to try this product out. It will go well when used on stews and salads
All Koo products are great but I have not tried this yet. sounds like a lovely combination of flavours to add to a chicken curry I would love to try this at home with my family
Have not tried out this Mixed Veg yet, please send me a free sample to try out. It looks supper yummy
I bought mixed vegetables but not canned. I know KOO is a good product but I would love to try the "Koo Mixed vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce". "Curry sauce is something new to me. love to try this product. Looking forward Hometester
Buy the curry veg all the time. Would love to try this flavour.
I have not test this product it is not in the stores in Bloem yet, but I love the Koo curry vegtables
Have not tried the Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce, will try it out on my next curry dish this winter.
Have not tried it nor seen it, but I trust koo as a brand maybe they are onto something sceptical but surely they have done their maths.
Not sure if I want to have mixed veg in a curry sauce, but I suppose it can work well if you add it to a stew or casserole or something
My husband will love this product, Koo has always been a trusted brand, would love to try this
I have not seen this in the shops before neither have I tried it. This will save me a lot of time as I dont have to add any curry spice to it. Would love to try this!

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