4 5 0 2 2 Koo Vegetable Curry contains all the delicious taste essentials for creating a tasty family meal. Available in Hot flavour and Sweet and Spicy flavour
Koo Vegetable Curry
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The new Koo mixed vegetables curry product is very tasty in curry for bunny chow or normal curry and rice it's packed with the right amount of curry
Made my husband in a chef
Love the product. Cans are well filled with a variety of vegetables. Not just carrots or beans. Just add mince/soda and rice and you have a healthy meal. My kids even started enjoying the white beans! Only down point is that it is very salty. If possible the salt content could be reduced.
This makes life so easy.No more waiting for hours for veggies.Great Flav with mince and just add a dash of Chutney!!!
love love love it i even stock it in bulk at macro. in 24 packs. it makes it easy for me to cook my meat chicken or beef, especially if i came late from work
great nice and tasty for curry mince yummy thankss
This is the perfect winter meal, I love spicy food, but have small children who dont so with this i can make ours spice and the boys not.....
It`s ok. Would love it if theybrought out a milder one. Keep the flavour but less heat.
Like to use this in a curry potjie and also vetkoek & mince. Very nice taste!
Always on my shopping list. I use it in curries and just to make a quick meal this defintely comes in handy. Taste is delicious and its never a dissapointment.
Now this we use all the time. Served it as a salad and also used it in my mince and served it with rice, delicious!
Really really good. Vegetables are still whole out the can, and not smashed.
i love koo product so much.the test always good and always the remain the same.
Even though Koo is a great brand, we have never been fans of the mixed vege`s in a tin.
It is very nice in your curry nice sweet & spicy for the ones that do not love hot curry
Use both for adding extra flavour to mince curry for vetkoek. Delicious. Great job Koo.

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