4,6 5 0 33 33 Reduces underarm wetness and gives 48h protection with no white marks left on the clothes.
Lady Speed Stick Invisible dry Powder Fresh Antiperspirant
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All time favorite
I haven been using this since high school, about 20 years ago. It is my all time favorite. The smell lasts 24 hours and does not leave permanent damage on clothes.
I have tried this & it works well. dont find it in the stores though????
Lady speed powder stick
Used the powder stick, works wonders, no smell, no perspiration. Cannot find it any more only the gel. I dont like the gel. changed brands.
the best
i have been using speed stick for 4 years now and love it. it has never made my cloths darker. it drys quick with no which marks left under my arm pits. i would recommend to all ladies to try it.
Lady speedstick invisible dry
It does the required job . One stays dry and fresh the whole
Hidden Freshness
I always prefer. Speedstick but hate the residue some leave on my clothes. This was a great product for freshness and less marks on my dark tshirts
Good Product
This product is the best for no sticky underarms in the morning, But there is one bigger brand that usually costs a bit less so I've only given this 4 stars.
Speed Stick
My wife recently bought this product and she loves it. No one likes the white stains and this is perfect. It lasts long and also smells great
Lady Speed Stick - Invisible Dry
The name says it all, it is not as sticky as most others, it smells great, and it lasts all day long. It is the only one that I can use to keep me fresh the whole day long
I walk most of the day ,and this works like magic and it keeps me fresh through out the day
This is just a must have shopping product. I love that the speed stick doesnt leave any marks on your clothes and it really keeps you fresh and not sweating for the whole day. I just totally love this product and would recomend it for everyone.
Good brand
Such a good roll-on.I buy it every month.I have sensitive skin under there so its been good to my.skin unlike other products.
Excellent product
This product is great, it works well and smells amazing. Will definitely repurchase
Lady Speedstick
I tried this product and it worked well in stopping wetness on my underarms. I would recommend this product for others to try. Also, light & fresh scent.
Lasts throughout the Day.
With all the sweating I do on a daily basis this speed stick is a god sent. It really does keep you fresh for the entire day and I'm never worried about smelling less than fresh. I'll definitely keep purchasing it.

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