4,6 5 0 20 20 Reduces underarm wetness and gives 48h protection with no white marks left on the clothes.
Lady Speed Stick Invisible dry Powder Fresh Antiperspirant
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Good brand
Such a good roll-on.I buy it every month.I have sensitive skin under there so its been good to my.skin unlike other products.
Excellent product
This product is great, it works well and smells amazing. Will definitely repurchase
Lady Speedstick
I tried this product and it worked well in stopping wetness on my underarms. I would recommend this product for others to try. Also, light & fresh scent.
Lasts throughout the Day.
With all the sweating I do on a daily basis this speed stick is a god sent. It really does keep you fresh for the entire day and I'm never worried about smelling less than fresh. I'll definitely keep purchasing it.
Powder Fresh
This product lives up to its name. It really does keep smelling powdery and clean throughout the day. Works wonders even on extremely hot and humid days. It also does not leave any white marks on your skin or on your clothes. I was extremely impressed with this. I highly recommend this product!
Lady speef stick
Invisible no white marks.It keeps you dry the whole day.24 hrs protection from underarm wetness.You wont find any stain on yr clothes.Perfect
Lasts longer
I have used speedstick for a very long time, I have very sensitive armpits but with this product I use it without feeling any pain o my armpits. The product lasts me 3 months
I have tried this product and i'm not a fan of the powder scent.
Very Good
I actually do use this brand and honestly speaking i will only use this underarm. The smell and everything is good.
Lady Speed Stick Invisible dry Powder Fresh Antiperspirant
I've been using this for over 10 years. I honestly have not found anything that works better for me.
It does what it says
I don't go anywhere without my lady's speedstick. It prevents me from sweating and keeps me confident all day long. I also love that it does roll on wet .
Lady speed stick
I love it. It's classic lady speed stick I used to know many many years ago. It smells great and doesn't irritate skin. It could improve on its staining effect on the clothes. I recommend it for ladies who can't use roll ins like me
Lady speed stick
I love that it's dry and does not stain my clothes and smell good.
I perspire a lot, and need smoething that will really help. I would try this product.
I have not yet tried this out, have seen it in the shop, not my cup of tea

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