4,6 5 0 39 39 Reduces underarm wetness and gives 48h protection with no white marks left on the clothes.
Lady Speed Stick Invisible dry Powder Fresh Antiperspirant
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Best of the best
I perspire rather a bit and have tried many a product that has failed and left me feeling smelly and unconfident. THIS PRODUCT IS A WINNER. It keeps me dry and fresh without being too heavy or thick. Really happy
Dry and smells nice
I started using this product and will only not use it if the shop doesnt have the product. It honestly has worked the best for me and the smell is long lasting, doesnt leave stains on my clothes, and doesnt make me itchy. Would definitely recommend this
I use the everyday its great to use,it keeps my dry and smelling fresh the whole day
Not for sensitive skin
I tried this, but had a bad rash after 2 day's use.
Lady Speedstick
I struggle with strong odour and this causes a lot of discomfort for me, this product is amazing in that it solved two problems for me at the same time, destroyed my odour problems and its invisible, no nasty white residue therefore I can wear it any day with all my clothes, a brilliant product that I recommend to all ladies
I love my speedstick
I have used this roll on for years and my armpits are not dark. It doesnt damage my arm pits after shaving . It's really the best.
Great the best
Keeps dry smells fresh and it keeps dry for a long time
All.day freshness
Love this as it leaves not residue and is soft on the skin and leaves you fresh all day
Tried and tested
My daughter is 11 and has been changing between roll ons... This one has been a winner, strong scent that lasts throughout the day dispite how busy she is.. Shes sporty it's a winner
Lady Speed Stick
Two years ago I was looking for an anti perspirant roll on that wouldnt leave ugly white residue on my dark clothes..one that would make my armpits soggy and wet when I applied it. Found Lady Speed Stick...thought it was a bit expensive but decided to try it. Wow! I was hooked! Still use it to date..it's value for money..love that smooth invisible layer on my armpits when I apply it...gives that feeling of freshness after a bath or shower
No wet feeling
I love the product because it does not leave a sticky feeling on your armpits and you can wear a t-shirt instantly after applying it. No need to wait for UT to dry
Lady Speed Stick
Great product, quick and easy to use. Leaves skin feeling fresh and dry all day long.
Lives up to its promise
Used this product after 20+ years. Works like a bomb and you get no wet feeling. Will definitely purchase it again.
My go to underarm toiletry! Doesn't stain my clothes or leave any marks on my black shirts as well. So worth it!
Dry and fresh for 24 hrs
I have been using the powder burst for over a year now, and i am loving it. Keeps my underarms dry and smelling fresh for longer. Love it and recommended it to a friend as well.

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