Lentheric Perfume I love Berries

4,6 5 0 222 222 New fragrance added to the Lentheric London Paris perfumes.
Lentheric Perfume I love Berries


I Love Berries
I Love that the smell is not too strong someone with sinus can use it
I love the packaging and the smell is delicious. Makes me crave berries and feel sexy
Fruty smell
I am currently wearing it right now, I love the smell and my fiance loves it too. This has to be my best perfume
I love berries
the berry smell in this perfume is abit overwhelming for me, perhaps for someone of a younger age.
Smell good
If you are a sweet perfume type of person then this will be nice for you, smells amazing and not too overpowering
it have a sweet and fruity smell. it is very affordable. i like the appearance since it says im fancy and expensive while its not expensive.
Inexpensive yet scent lasts for the entirety of the day
Absolutely amazed with the quality of this product as it met all the expectations. Had me feeling fresh the entire day, while numerous people enquired regarding the scent I was wearing. Definitely recommend it.
It has a nice berry sweet smell. Leaving you smelling fresh, all day long. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends to try out as it's suitable for everyone.
Sweet smelling
The fragrance is sweet and fruity. Also very affordable
Lentheric perfume
I tried it once when I saw it in my sister's bedroom..it's really nice
nice for everyday use
This perfume is nice for everyday use. it has a sweet berry smell which is pleasant and not to overpowering for day use.My mom also liked it.
I love blossom
Love this range playfull and sweets ,smells sweet and flowery great value for money last long.
Worth it
I love it, I’m a huge fan of sweet perfumes and this one in particular smells really good.
Berries Berries Berries
Smells like berries and lasts for the whole day.
Who doesn't love berries?
Letheric perfumes have never disappointed me. They last for the longest time on my clothes. I wouldn't replace it with anything else.

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