Lentheric Perfume I love Berries

4,6 5 0 241 241 New fragrance added to the Lentheric London Paris perfumes.
Lentheric Perfume I love Berries


Great scent
I love the scent, i does not make me sneeze and it last longer. perfect for any occasion
I like the smell and he can last for 24 hour and being confident on yourself
Amazingly excellent
24 hour fragrance that smells amazing and sweet, Lentheric Perfume are suitable for every woman who loves the smell of Berries and who wants to be beautiful in her own skin. Fabulous
Lentheric perfume
I like the sweet smell of it I normally sneeze when I use certain perfumes but this one is good for me.
Little bit sweet for me
I like a number of their fragrances, but the Hoity Toity ones remain my favourite. This one is a little sweet for my preference.
Smells good
I used it all through high school. I’ve passed it on to my daughter cause it smells so good and lasts the whole day. It’s just a right product for many occasions I highly recommend it
Love It!
Very affordable perfume which is long lasting. Accommodative of all ages, young people friendly. Smells amazing, will remind you of spring. I just love it!
Devine Smell
Smell absolutely divine on a budget! Long lasting, fresh and amazing! Highly recommended.
Sweet Fragrance
It does Indeed smell quite sweet and long lasting smell.
The best
It smells absolutely devine and the nice thing about it is that it is affordable,it smells like everything is in order ,love it ,love it..i recommend it to everyone who wants to smell like a bunch of roses and lilies
It smells so good and it lasts long . It is now a must to have it at your home.
smells devine
I always get compliments when using this product it smells lovely
Fruity scent!
Smell absolutely divine on a budget! It leaves you smelling like a boss lady, I love it! This is the first perfume I bought when I started working.
Love it
This product smells so good and it lasts long,I love this product and I always use it I would recommend it to anybody
Very good product
It is a very good product the smell is fabulous and very fresh

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