Libresse Range

4,4 5 0 1251 1251 Our thick Maxi Cotton Feel towels with SecureFit ™ are designed to follow the shape your body and stay in place. The towels have barriers all around, a core that absorbs quickly and protects against leakage. With the revolutionary Odour Control Technology, they contain microbeads which neutralise odour </p> Click the <a href="">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Libresse Range


Libresse Sanitary Towels
The sanitary towels are very comfortable. I normally use this range in my 'not heavy flow days' and they provide the necessary protection that I need.
Great comfort
Like a cotton feel. I don't find it this days at the dischem. Would really love it back. Great on the skin does not irritate.. Love it
Great comfort when you really need it
An amazing product. I cannot use any other make since I stumbled across the libresse pads. It's cushiony and comfortable. The pad doesn't feel likd plastic is stuck to you. It has a cotton feel.
Lockproof with comfort
These pads are just what a woman needs . Small , super soft , and locks well. I don’t feel any discomfort throughout the day wearing this due to it’s quality. Highly recommend it
Libresse Sanitary Towels
Great smelling pad that controls odour. Veey thin and comfortable. I tried the day and night range and I love them both. I have switched to the Libresse range and so have my sisters.
I like the cotton feeling, it does not irritate and control odor.
I love these pads,have also stocked them enough for when my pre-teen starts her periods.i trust them to also have her feeling comfortable and still enjoy being a kid and play almost as free as usual.i love them
Libresse ultra long
Since I have a very sensitive skin and a heavy flow, Libresse is so ideal for me to use for their heavy absorbent and long enough. they keep me fresh with zero reactions after
Libresse dailies fresh is my every day wear
I have a very sensitive skin and this is the only brand that works for me. The soft quilted cotton top is super comfy, highly absorbant, breathable and keeps you fresh all day with zero skin reactions! A very happy girl. Thank you for such an awesome product!
Libresse Pads
These pads are comfortable and discrete. When I wear them I forget their there. Absolutely love them!
Libresse Range - Maxi goodnight
My daughter use the Maxi goodnight range, just not for night time but for during the day too. She loves the longer towel because it keeps her protected against leaks and keep in place while she continue with her active lifestyle.
Firstly the scented pads are my favourite and the softness is the best. Has odour control that does it for me and i can't use anything else other than libresse pads. I love it totally.
My ultimate go to product
This is the best sanitary product I have used so far when it comes to pads. They are thin and discreet an long lasting. I'm super impressed. Would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member.
Libresse range
I love trying new products and with the Libresse range I found it affordable and comfortable (because of the cotton feel) to use when it’s that time of the month👌🏾.
Libresee Panty Liners
I have tested this product and am not happy nor comfortable with it. Few days after using a product, I started feeling itchiness, discharge and irritation on my vagina. I thought it was my incorrect positioning of the product which is causing friction. When I spoke to my friend about this, I discovered that she also started having discharge while using this product. I have now stopped using it for a day and I feel much better. The discharge is not yet clear but I can feel the difference with the itchiness.

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