Libresse So Slim Daily Fresh Liners

4,7 5 0 221 221 Libresse So Slim Daily Fresh Liners are slim enough to wear with anything and individually wrapped.</p> Libresse Daily Fresh liners are specially designed to care for your sensitive intimate skin, not just your underwear. Each liner is breathable, like cotton underwear, and infused with ProSkin formula to keep your skin pH balanced.</p> Click the <a href="">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Libresse So Slim Daily Fresh Liners


I love these because they are so slim and easy to hide
Panty Liners
It is a great product. Very comfortable. Did not cause any discomfort. Purchase price is ridiculous. Best to purchase this item when it is on promotion.
Libresse pads
I just tired them last week wow I think I will continue to buy them even for younger ones
Not sure about this one
I've just tried it last month and I'm not sure if i'll buy this product again. Will wait to finish the ones I have currently. If indeed I have the same uncomfortable feeling while using them, I won't use them again.
slim fit
I like this because the packages separately which means you can take it with you and it fits amazingly.
Libresse is my new brand
I absolutely love this brand. I have changed to buying their pads aswell. I love the individual wrapped products, makes it easier and more hygienic to have in my handbag.
Great product
I changed from. My previous brand and I Never regretted my change libreese is my one and only I use the liners I love the entire brand
Comfortable and effective
I live the feel of the liner's. They a smooth. They are also every thin that you forget they are there. Ultra absorbent .
I love the fact that the liners are individually wrapped, they are so thin I can barely notice that I have a panty liner on. It's so amazing
Great Comfort
I have used these for years and absolutely love the comfort, they are unscented and I absolutely love them.
That time of the month
Omw I only use Libresse pants cause they draw hearts on the pants which I think is absolutely cute and makes me feel less disgusting when it's that time of the month and more girly and fabulous
So slim
I've never looked back after trying out these panty liners.I love the fact that they are thin you don't feel them and they are not irritable. The best part about them is that they are individually wrapped meaning I can keep 2 in my wallet
Super thin
I've never switched to any other pantyliners since using these. They are the thinnest pantyliners and do not irritate my sensitive skin. So super thin it really doesn't feel like you wearing a pantyliner. Love it
Very comfortable, easy to apply, perfect fit in my handbag. Love this product.
Magin Liners
I love that they are individually wrapped, so perfect for our handbags. Comfortable, very slim one can forget that they are there. I love everything about them and I do recommend them to my friends.

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