Lil-Lets Maternity maxi pads

4,7 5 0 516 516 The <b>NEW Lil-Lets Maternity maxi pads</b> has a wider back & longer length for extra comfort and protection that is perfect to last longer than normal maternity pads.
Lil-Lets Maternity maxi pads


Very good
Used them in July after the birth of my son and wow ,they treated me so good
not a big fan of the packaging
i am really not a big fan of this packaging of this pad , yes this did work for a small time after giving birth but my flow was heavy and this did not do the job it was supposed to do . not going to underscore this product but not worth of my money spent .
Does wonders
It does wonders after you give protects you and doesn't cause any discomfort in any way at all.leaves you having more time with your little one instead of worrying about leaking and discomfort
Use without worry!
I love these maternity pads because there’s no leaks or separation of the inner part!
Lil-Lets Maternity maxi pads
I used these pads while in hospital and after for giving birth to my chile in November 2018. One thing that stood out for me is the way that the pad is in tact and no flows. I would definately recommend it.
Lil let's maternity Sanitary towels
Keeps you fresh. Very absorbant. Extra length to prevent any accidents.
Love IT!
I love it! I'm not on maternity but the first 2 days of my periods are really heavy and I often leak and it gets really frustrating at work to go check every 30 minutes. Also, sleep is a nightmare, I have to wear leggings under my pjs and still put a towl on the bed to ensure that it doesn't stain the bed. Then I tried these Mateenity maxi pads and all my problems were solved. I really like that it widens at the back and its super long to catch everything! no matter what position you are sleeping. It is soft and most importantly it is comfortable! I love! Love! Love it!
I tried this product after the birth of my second child it was amazing as I am a heavy flower it is long comfortable and absolves more. I still use it even now. I would make make it better by making it available at all stores.
Works on Heavy flows too
The best thing about this pads is the comfort. I wish this was available when I had my baby. Its amazing and feels so comfortable compared to the regular, stiff, pads from hell, maternity pads. I use it on heavy flow days. All pregnant woman please get this for the bag, you wont be sorry. from one mama to another
I used these after giving natural birth and they were so amazing. They are super soft and extra long. I would recommend these to anyone. I was really impressed.
I have a very heavy flow, so i used it (not as maternity) but at night and in the 1st few days when my flow is very heavy, it is VERY long, so covers you all round, no worrying abt messing, I love it ,
These maternity pads are great. During maternity, at night and during a heavy flow.
Life Saver
This is what women need! I highly recommend this product #made by women for women!
My last child is almost ten but i always keep a pack of these in the house. Saved my life many times.
lil- let maternity maxi pad
my sons girlfriend just had a baby.and she tried.these pads says its a good product and would recomend it to other people.

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