4,4 5 0 79 79 A unique combination of fine Lindt dark chocolate and a soft fruit centre, where sweet orange meets fresh pink grapefruit.
Lindt Fruit Sensation Dark Chocolate Orange & Pink Grapefruit
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Fruit Sensation
Lindt is one of my favorite chocolates, test is amazing and that citrus flavor is the best
Perfect snack
I mix these with nuts and seeds. On a lower carbohydrate diet, these are perfect. The dark chocolate does not spike insulin that much, and the fruit jellies totally satisfy my craving for sweetness.
Not impressed
We love everything Lindt but this did not do it for any of us. It didnt taste right.
Lindt Fruit sensation
Lindt never dissappoints, this is a nice smooth chocolate with some bit of fruitiness in it. It was the first time purchasing it and would definately buy it again, it was very enjoyable.
Full of flavor
This product is delicious, but expensive. I wait for specials
Disappointing Lindt
I was a little disappointed when opening a packet I had bought for a birthday lunch. They were indeed nice, but for the price, and Lindt’s reputation, would not buy them again.
Lindt's best combination
Love it, love the fruit in it. When I buy I hide it for my own consumption. Bags are to small to share.
my husband loves all Lindlt products and this infusion was quite exciting to him
Linda chocolate
Ooh what a lovely experience! I loved the smooth bitterness of the chocolate and then the secret centre tartness of the citrus, beautiful!
Lovely treat
The chocolate melts away and you get an explotion of orange and grapefruit flavour, definately a new favourite. It is expensive but every bit worth it
Great product
Classic combination of dark chocolate and citrus. Love it.
not my preferred choc flavor
I prefer the original Lindt flavor,not fruity flavors
These are lovely, fruit and chocolate aren't usually my go-to. but these are amazing, the Dark chocolate & fruit combination is amazing,and also not overly sweet.
Hubby’s favouriye
Out of this world, fruit with a bit of chocolate what a combination. The flavoured just burst in your mouth. Nope it’s perfect as is. Keep up The amazing work. Would definitely recommend
Extremely Delicious
I tried this at a family dinner and it blew me away. I am not a fan of dark chocolate but this had to be my favorite!

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