Liqui Fruit, Red Grape & Coconut Water 100% Fruit Juice Blend

4,3 5 0 156 156 Coconut water is known as nature's sport drink because it is full of electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium. High in vitamin C.
Liqui Fruit, Red Grape & Coconut Water 100% Fruit Juice Blend


Tasty juice
Though I don’t do coconut but I have tried other flavors of this product and I must say it’s so tasty, rich and refreshing.
Liquifruit red grape & coconut water
Its so refreshing perfect for the whole family i would recommend it
My eldest daughter absolutely loves this. What a healthier choice to make. The tasty of coconut water and grape compliments each other so well. Will definitely buy it again while available
It quenches my thirst, gives me the satisfaction of a soft ,sweet beverage.
oh my world it's so delicious, i just can not get enough of this, if it's ice-cold and you drink it on a hot day, it's cool and refreshing
Red grape and coconut water
I love this product as it doesn't have lots of sugar, it good for the kids as well, it even more so refreshing
Liqui fruit is the best when it comes to cooling one off after a long day and i like that the taste is rich and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, would totally recommend it
love it
Love the fact that it does not have a lot of sugar and it can be kept in the shelf when it is sealed. Which is great cause I love buying in bulk
Tastes ok
i love this brand, am not so sure about this flavor , still need to get my taste buds used to it, but its not that bad
I am in love with this flavor, i can smell the coconut when opening it perfect for my taste buds.
Good combinations
Refreshing!I was a bit sceptical at first about this! But I actually enjoyed this combination and will definitely buy it again!
Coconut Water an acquired taste
Tried the product and hated it. I believe coconut water is not for everyone
Love it!!!
I remember when this product was first put on shelfs as. limited. And ever since then it's been on sale!! I love it. Good to drink as is or use as a mix. Definitely recommend this.
Not nice
Its decent but it's taste is not that great far too much coconut
Enjoy both ways
I have always been a huge fan. Great taste and awesome flavour. It's so refreshing and unique. I love that I can even use it as a mixer with my Vodka. Highly recommend to all my friends a d fam.

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