3,7 5 0 119 119 Temporary Grey Coverage - Lasts until washed out. Perfectly covers grey roots in seconds, perfectly blends with your hair colour.
L'Oreal Paris Instant Root Concealer Spray Magic Retouch - Dark Brown
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I use it to cover grey especially if my hair is parted. It works but it could work a little bit better for me and the colour range should be more with colours loreal brings out. It is very simple especially if your hair takes to colour extremely well so I am now having to keep my hair black.
Excellent product
For one that is in a complete hurry this product works amazing! Spray and go. It is a life saver.
A Brown Mess
I bought this product to cover up my regrowth but, the spray nozzle was hard to control and I found that the result was messy and looked very obvious rather than providing natural coverage. I would not recommend this product unless you want everyone to know you're trying to cover-up.
Gone with regrowth
This product is truly a blessing in disguise. This works very well on all types of hair to cover up those regrowth patches
wonderfull coverage
covers well the grey and no- one can actually see that you have sprayed anything on your hair. It does make your hair feel dirty or hard to the touch, but can't be seen as that though. Awesome product
Covers well
This product is great for when your roots starts growing out. It covers well and blends in nicely with the rest of the hair. The only thing that I do not like is that it makes my hair feel hard.
It works but...
This product does what it says. It covers the grey and does it well. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that it changes the texture of your hair and almost matts it and doesn't keep it smooth
Loreal Paris instant root concealer spray
Love this product. Just spray on and grey gone and blend well in
L'Oreal Instant Retouch Spray
Away on holiday? Can't get an appointment at your hairdresser? Then this product is just for you! It is a quick way to hide your grey hair or roots that need a retouch!
Works, but can be improved
It needs an applicator, like a soft brush, to ensure that the dye is spread evenly. Also, if you have very fine hair (or little hair), it tends to get onto the scalp too easily and is highly visible. Better suited for thicker hair.
Spray and go
At first i though who would want to use this, why would you buy this??? But because i am a curious person i bought this just to see, maybe i will understand. Oh my word. How cool is this? instead of buying hair colour every month, i just buy this. I can make sure the greys are covered. It works great looks natural and only washes out when i wash my hair. Love it!
Have, and use the dark brown. Great to touch up the greys but I find it leaves a residue in the hair. Not easy to find the dark brown in stores
great product, not sticky and easy to wash out. very impressed.
Feels very sticky ad hard on hair once sprayed on. Don't enjoy this product even though it does the work it is supposed to do and does cover the greys,,,,
I love this product. I'm natural blonde and have gone for a great change. Dark nrown permanently. But roots do come through quite quickly. Loreal Magic Retouch. Give it a shake. Hold ten cm back. Spray. Done. Simple and really is instant.

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