0 5 0 120 7 Now available in 2 new flavours: Curry and Lazenby flavour. Simply add to any meat and vegetables for a think and tasty stew.
Maggi Magic Taste All in 1 Stew Granules
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Hi, This is so frustrating i cant seem to find the Maggi stew granules anywhere. Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, Spar no one has. Can someone please advise if its been discontinued. Once you like a product the take it away :-(
I do not like the stew granules myself, puts a very strong taste into the food, however, my family love the taste.
I cannot do without my granules, especially the curry flavour.
I tried both but like the curry flavour the most It has a nice taste
I tried Lazenby, flavour was okay but did not thicken as much as I thought it would.
Love the product. We always use some when we make a stew.
I love this product it really gives great flavour to stews
Oh this is so great, as I enjoy cooking stew this will be ideal
Sadly I wanted to try it, but am unable too
Love this, Maggi Stew Granules make the richest tasty stews. You don`t sweat, you just boil and add the granules then you have a Delicious taste.
i love this product it really gives flavour to your stews
Growing up I always loved to have Maggi 2 minute noodles, so I figured I would love this too. So I tried the curry flavour and I don`t actually like it at all. The flavour that comes through tastes artificial and for some reason gives off a metallic taste.
I love anything stewy and tried the Lazenby flavour and somehow it tasted "boxy" - I prefer store-bought ready-mades to taste like my grandmother`s cooking that I made.
We buy this every month its a must have.Even when you make "Potjie" no more struggling to get the right flav!!!
ek het dit aan my ouma voor gestel es sy het nog nie weer gemoun oor ha kos wat nie smaak het nie

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