4 5 0 296 296 See the sparkle! MAQ Dishwashing Liquid’s special formulation with the power of lemon cuts through tough grease, leaving all your dishes sparkling clean. Available in 400ml and 750ml ml bottles. The benefits of MAQ Dishwashing liquid · Cleans up to 750 more plates than other known brands in South Africa (tested under laboratory conditions) · Excellent grease cutting and cleaning power · Excellent value for money · Fresh lemon fragrance
MAQ Dishwashing Liquid
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I enjoy it because it works but I dont like the foam it creates. I feel its unnecessary.
it works just as well as the more known brands...its thick and foams generously...will definitely buy it again.
Maq is AWESOME! It lasts almost twice as long as its closest competition!
I have tried the Maq dish washing liquid. Although it works well for the greasy dishes, its very very harsh on my hands. I thought it was just me but all my helpers and a very close friends has been complaining and they have similar complaint.
excellent product, foam lasts right up until the end and cuts through grease beautifully. will definitely continue recommending this product
Tried it and found it to be good value for money. best one in the 'cheapies' range
I was not so impressed with the cleaning power of this liquid and would rather keep to my normal brand
Tried it will be buying it instead of Sunlight. Thick and soapy washes very well. Sunlight now has a serious competitor at a far better price.
have not tried it but if it is a good as sunlight liquid and the price is more less the same i would give it a go.
Tried and tested and i personally think its just as good as the Sunlight Liquid
I have tried this as it was on promotion and was happy I gave it a try. I love the smell and great value for money.
It needs to foam more, and is a bit oily :-( need to use more than what you would sunlight.
I have tried it, it`s great. No difference @ all from sunlight
I just bought this and I am impressed, don`t see the difference with Sunlight and I love the amount of bubbles it makes.
A very nice substitute to Sunlight and good value for money as well

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