4,1 5 0 134 134 - Ideal for school projects and office use<br> - Safe & non-toxic<br> - High quality<br> - Easy to apply<br> - Extra strength<br> - Long lasting<br> - Acid free<br> <br> <i>*Keep in mind: Excessive application will result in the adhesiveness becoming weak</i>
Marlin Super Stick
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Marlin Glue Stick
Marlin has always been a great manufacturer of great products and when I saw the washable Glue stick, I just had to try it. Though honestly it was not what i was expecting but anyway good work.
it is super stick indeed
i have tried different glue sticks before, and i must say i was dissapointed. but with marlin super stick, i was a happy customer. it permanatly sticks, unlike sum sticks that only stick for a certain period of time. but this is more permanent. i love and recomend it, great
Get sticking with marlin
I like this gluestick as its a good price point does not make hands to sticky as well
Works well
My kids use it all the time for school, for projects,arts and crafts. I use it in the kitchen as well for labeling. Great product,good quality for my money
Doesn't hold
I like the big sizes and it washes out of clothes easily, it easy to use for small hands, but unfortunately it does not stick as good the papers start to lift after a couple of days.
Glue stik
Product is excellent value for money... Incredible for use of school projects.
A wsiste of money. This glue stick does not hold very well.
Marlin super stick
I have a day care and my kids use this for cutting and sticking. It is soft and slides on easy. Not sticky and messy. Plus easy for kids to use
Awesome product
Awesome product, my son loves it. Super sticks everything. Absolutely safe and non toxic. Easy for kids to use for arts and crafts.
Marlin Glue Sticko
I love it too much especially because it works just as good as any other glue stick. it's affordable and is always available at the shops. The improvements could be made in its effectiveness to its adhesive.
Value for Money
It is a good product that gets the job done. It is very effective for school and work projects. The price is especially competitive. I would recommend this product. It needs to be advertised more so that it becomes a well-recognised brand, as a lot of people don't know it.
super stick
i bought this every year for my kids school projects, i buy 35g x 6 per year.
I like marlin products as they are affordable and works as well compared to the expensive ones i previously used
Stuck for choice !
Great value for money and the product quality is good.
Marlin glue stick
My kids used it. Honestly it's washable, non smell, non toxic but good enough for small projects such as pasting pics. As for others it's not strong enough.

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