4,1 5 0 134 134 - Ideal for school projects and office use<br> - Safe & non-toxic<br> - High quality<br> - Easy to apply<br> - Extra strength<br> - Long lasting<br> - Acid free<br> <br> <i>*Keep in mind: Excessive application will result in the adhesiveness becoming weak</i>
Marlin Super Stick
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Best and safe glue stick for kids
I have two lil girls (5 & 6 years) and seeing my kids using the Marlin glue stick makes me worry less as it's non toxic, and it's easily washable for incase they apply it on their hands or clothing.
The best stick ever
Marlin super glue stick can be compared with the best.. At first my kids would only want me to buy Pritt for them.. But since trying Marlins super glue stick.. They are sold that it is one of the best.. They don't have to worry about their worksheets getting loose again
Me and my kids like using this product. It's works well never had problems with it. And so affordable
glue stick
Very good product. Sticks well and the price is much more reasonable than some of the other brands of the same quality.
Marlin Super Glue Sticks
I love this product! My kids are always using this for school projects and I love that its affordable, washable and effective! It sticks well and I don't have to worry about pages coming loose. Its a winning product in my books!
Marlin Super stick
This product is amazing,I can conveniently find it at any shop. It is affordable and very effective. I love that it works fast and the colourful packaging. I won't change anything about it, and i will definitely recommend this to family and friends.
Wow I used this glue recently because my favorite was no available and I don't regret using it is really good
I would never buy this glue. The quality us poor and the papers come looee.
Gotta have 10...
The Marlin Glue Stick sticks sooo well, I had to have 10 of them...
Marlin glue
My child enjoys using the marlin glue for school products and arts and crafts
The best
I've been using this pritt for quite some time now. It's easy to use and does exactly what is expected. The price isn't bad either. A definite must have for home and office usage.
Not so great
This doesn’t stick well at all, within a few days the pages were loose again
Nice to have for kids they can stick there art work on doors there is almost no residue when coming off and it is toxic free for kids this helps a lot this product is a winner invthe classroom
sticky glue is a paper paste saver
the glue dries fast and its quality lasts long, the texture is thin and user friendly the kids enjoy doing their projects using it they no longer want other products. yes I will definitely recommend
Marlin Glue Stick
As a school educator, I recommend this to the parents as it is non-toxic, usable for many different projects and not too messy.

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