4,7 5 0 62 62 <p>Miami Mexican style diced tomatoes are manufactured from fresh ripe tomatoes which are seasoned with green peppers, chillies, cumin and coriander. This product can be used in any Mexican dish such as topping for tortillas or as dipping sauce for nachos, it can also be used as ingredients in stews and casseroles.</p> <p>Miami Indian Style Diced Tomatoes</p>
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easy Chakalaka
Makes Friday braai days so easy especial when coming from work. So we just open this chakalaka and then serve with Pap saves from grating and shopping.
I like this niceto add to stews and mince. Thos brand os good
I'm with my Miami!
I love keeping canned goodies as stables. I often buy the tomato blends, but Miami has the most variety of tastes and flavors. It is heavenly! I would recommend this for anyone wanting to add a good balance to meals, not too mention that its affordable and wholesome.
Really tasty
I always stock of Miami canned Tomato. They have great flavours and not sour at all. The Relish are great for many dishes.
Miami has an excellent range of caned products.
We prefer Miami's Boerie Relish product in their range of canned products. Boerie Relish has so many uses in spicing up food. You can always use it as a relish on foods such as hot dogs or in foods such as pastas. It is rich in flavor and textures.
huge flavours packed in a tin
My FAVOURITE is the Sechebo Miami, we eat it with tinned tuna, burritos, pasta, braai relish the list goes on. We always have the range in the pantry and its not acid (so no cooking for hours) and its seasoned so well that you can take it camping and not have to pack loads of spices and herbs.
Firm Favourite
Love these miami goods. Tasty, with great coating if added to pasta or used as a bread dip at braais! The braai relish with sweet peppers is the best!
Salsa favorite
My husband makes hotdogs with this brand. It makes a tasty, zingy hotdog filling. Theee best!
I love this product and use it in almost all of the dishes I prepare
Guys a must try, i used one tin of each in my potjie curry along with the curry spices and end off with cream, awesomeness, my signature dish
Well priced
These are great quick adds to any meal or even just heated on their own, always have few in my cupboard. Compared to other brands well prices also.
Bland tinned tomato
Well priced, but found it to be a little bland . Not tomatoey enough - as if watered down - and the indian flavour was not strong enough
A must in every kitchen
I love Miami's, they bring the tastes of other cuisines straight to our palates. I love how it just adds something extra to every meal.
Miami canned diced tomato's are the best canned food on the shelves. I only use Miami canned diced tomato's and will not waste my money on any other brand. Absolutely love it, the best gravy with pap.
Perfect substitute for tomato paste. I use it on almost everything & I love it. You can add it to your Chakalaka or Bisto.

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