Milky Coco Coconut Milk Drink-Original

4,8 5 0 62 62 A naturally cholesterol-, lactose-, and gluten-free food. Preservatives free.
Milky Coco Coconut Milk Drink-Original


Love it
So tasty I love it even the kids love it
Calcium Boost
Like I've said in previous reviews I love coconut!!! I feel like im on a tropical island with every sip I take I feel happy and healthy. I recommend this product to everyone to try!!! Its also very good for kids instead of some colddrinks on the market which contains alot of chemicals and loads of sugar.
Coconut milk
Enjoyed it so much, I will definitely include it on my grocery list. It is healthy and enjoyable.
Love love love milky coco
I discovered this drink during my pregnancy. And drank so much of it that we even call my daughter milky Coco. It kept me hydrated during the hot summer months. It's packed with electrolytes. And I'm not sure if it helped contribute to me having a very healthy baby. But her skin was beautiful
The best coconut drink!
Nothing beats the milky coco coconut milk on a hot day. It’s a healthy and yet very tasty drink. I wish they could make it available in every shop.
Delicious Coconut drink!!
I'm a very active person and every so often I spoil myself with this delicious refreshing coconut drink! Totally amazing!!!
Love this product
My 3yearvold daughter is allergic to cows milk therefore we use this coconut milk. It’s divine. Highly recommend this product
love it
I am a big coconut fan and this is just the perfect way to drink it
Very good
There are few options out there for lactose-intolerant folks, and the few that are there usually don’t taste good, but this one did
Best to add to my morning smoothies with pineapple it is a nice tasting pina colada for breakfast 😉
Excellent product!
I would highly recommend it! It's one of the best products ever. It's super tasty and rich!
I love the milky taste with the hint of coconut. Very refreshing and light. A bit pricey though and not for everyday consumption. But definitely as a treat every once in a while!!
Never liked coconut anything until i tried this Milky coco and boy i loved it.
Coconuts for coconut milk
I really love this coconut milk. I used to only buy the coconut milk from chinese take out restaurants as their were always the best, but this coconut milk is the first I could find that tastes as good or even better so would definitely buy it over and over and over again.
I’ve tasted a few coconut milk in the market which taste more like medicine than anything else. This particular one just happened to stand out for me. It taste so good it’s fresh and yummy

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