5 5 0 98 98 Mitchum sensitive skin formula is infused with skin friendly ingredients, plus aloe and vitamin E, to help soothe and condition skin. It combines the powerful sweat and odour protection you want with gentleness your skin needs. Suitable for use after shaving.
Mitchum Sensitive Skin 48HR Protection Fragrance Free Deodorant
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Mitchum fragrance free I love how it keeps me smelling fresh and day and I love the effect because it stays on all day
Sports Men & Women
I buy Mitchum for my son who is 14 years, he plays sports at school and it helps keep him fresh and dry at all times.
Only one I use
By far one of the best on the market, all day dryness an at the end of the day you still smell all fresh an clean an no irritation like some other products.
I used to struggle with itchy underarms because of the alcohol contained in deodorants until I came across this product. It was heaven sent. I luuuuv it.
I am currently using this product and i love it. Im a runner, so for me smelling fresh is an importance. I also like the fact that on every other day, it keeps me dry and smelling good.
i wanted something that me and my 11 old could use, and i tried Mitchum deodorant, it's very quick to dry and doesn't leave any stains. a bit messy when dry but i love it
Tried it
I started using Mitchum a few years ago and haven't changed since. Have tried other products, but they don't seem to have the same lasting power that Mitchum does, so according to me, there is no false news here. Mitchum is my product of choice and I am very loyal to it and won't change to another product if its not on the shelf.
leave armpits dry for long
this is a great product for those who sweat a lot as it keeps the armpits dry for longer
This is definitely a very good product, but unfortunately to expensive to fit my budget
I had tried almost every product for my armpits, and I tried this product it works wonders for my armpits, I stay fresh and dry the whole day
Roll on
My son can only use Mitchum and i think this is a great product, when he uses this he does not smell at all. It keeps him dry and fresh whole day.
Mitchum 48 hour deodorant
I love this deodorant. It does wonders for my armpits and leaves me dry all day everyday!
Sensitive skin
Truth be told, this product is the best. I had tried almost every product for my armpits, nothing worked especially in summer time until I started using this product. I can now raise my arms with pride knowing that there wont be any smell that will follow and my armpits would be dry the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Deodorant!!
BY far the best antiperspirant I have used to date. Keeps you fresh all day. The roll on doesnt create white marks under your arms, however the stick does and the gel is too wet for my liking. This brand is bar far the best on the market
must have
Mitchum is my personal favorite, this product is gentle on my skin and I love the fact that it os fragrance free

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