Mitchum Sensitive Skin 48HR Protection Fragrance Free Deodorant

4,9 5 0 129 129 Mitchum sensitive skin formula is infused with skin friendly ingredients, plus aloe and vitamin E, to help soothe and condition skin. It combines the powerful sweat and odour protection you want with gentleness your skin needs. Suitable for use after shaving.
Mitchum Sensitive Skin 48HR Protection Fragrance Free Deodorant


Sweat proof formula
Product is great for sensitive skin and people that sweat a lot. Definitely recommended.
Mitchum fresh
Mitchum is the best product in the market and very gentle on the skin. No matter how hot it can be, you will never feel wet due to sweating and you will remain fresh the whole day and night.
Solved medical condition
I had a helper in my house who lost her confidence due to heavily sweating on her armpits and the odour was too much. Someone advised me to get Mitchum and I bought her two from clicks, after two days of using the product everything stopped and she smells divine and she can't believe it. This will be the only product she'll use as many couldn't help.
No odour
All day protection from sweat and odour. My issue is the white flakes after applying.
Excellent product but cant use it everyday as it burns the skin a bit, so use it every second day
Very good
I have sensitive skin and I use it. No more lumps on my armpits But it leaves white marks on clothes
Mitchum sensitive
It is worth every penny, it keeps one fresh and it is good for sensitive skin even after shaving no irritation none whatsoever
Best one on the shelves. Highly recommend 👌
Love it
This smell relly nice I love this product last long ..I can recommend it to everyone
It delivers it's promise
It lasts longer and saves money too because I do not need to apply it everyday even during summer season. This is a winner for me and would recommend to anyone as it is kind to the skin too.
Mitchum sensitive
I love Mitchum so much because after applying it your skin becomes soft and it doesn't stick or anything. No marks under your armpits, no sweating and keeps you dry and soft all day long. I love it a lot.
love it
it's a must have, once you test it you will never leave it. it last long on, leaving you feeling fresh.
The Best
Mitchum is a triple odour defense, and its very good to people with sensetive skin its also a powerful anti-sweat Gel, i would defenactly recommend it to anyone with sensetive skin
It’s a must have. If you have a sensitive skin this works perfectly. It feels like velvet on your skin while leaving it smelling great. The scent last too.
Very good
It's a great product introduce to me 10yrs ago by a clicks pharmacist while I wanted something for my daughter who was 7years buy then with a strong ampit am glad to say that sits 10 years now she is been using it now n she smell great even after school and I joined her along the way am happy to say it's our product in the house we never changed it till now.

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