4,1 5 0 142 142 Make it 3 ways with Moir's mug cake mix, top with chocolate sauce and chopped mint chocolate, top with whipped cream and toasted macadamia nuts, add mini marshmallows to the mix before microwaving.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/moirs-mug-cake-creme-caramel.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Moir's Mug Cake Crème Caramel Flavoured Cake Mix
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Cake in a mug
This is so quick and easy for when you feel like a treat😋.. it's yummy with ice-cream, custard and even just on its own. I always make sure I have in my grocery cupboard
My new best friend
This is amazing to have in your cupboards. Create for late night cravings and awesome on cold days where you do not feel like baking. It tastes divine and be warned: You will get addicted.
All of the flavors are super super awesome. They are yummy and quick to make and taste fantastic
Could be better
Although its quick and easy and only milk is needed it came out very dry and deflated. Dont get much but with custard its a killer dessert.
Moirs mug cake
Easy go to dessert. Quite nice. They should have more flavour options too.
Cake in a cup
I tried it and it was somewhat tasty but not worth the price. The cake was all shriveled up and deflated and the taste was not nearly as nice as advertised. I wouldn't recommend it.
Okay but not okay
Although very easy to make, it came out very small to other brands and the texture wasn't very good but it was edible.
Mug Cake
Its very delicious and quick and easy to make. It comes out so fluffy and is great with ice cream and custard
Mug Cake
Just love this, a Sunday 8'o Clock movie snack.. just me and the hubby watching our movie while kids are sleeping...
Unfortunately not nice
We thought it sounded so nice. Bought one of each flavor, but they were all just too terrible! They tasted like plastic. Really artificial. Won't try it again
not too bad
I think its much the same as the recipe you get on the net for cake in a mug this just more expensive
yummy and fast
this product is so easy my teenager can make it love it tasty just a little in a dry site to normal oven baked cake but still a winner
baking made easy
ive never enjoyed baking this much and you dont even have to do much..
Cake in a mug
Absolutely delicious with some canned peaches on top and whipped cream. Hooked on this product for life. Takes a few minutes to make and the rewards are outstanding.
Moirs Mug Came Créme Caramel
Great taste. Love the soft fluffy texture and I use it as a dessert on Sundays with custard. My family loves it.

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