4,2 5 0 217 217 Chocolate & Hazelnut flavoured instant coffee drink. </p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/mokate-candy-shop-cappuccino-choc-hazelnut.html"><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut
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Coffee lovers friend
I'm a lover of coffee and since I discovered this one I can safely say I'm a happy woman. I start my day with it and I'm set for the day
Candyshop makes indulging in coffee time extra special. The products are delicious and easy to prepare.the hazlenut flavour is on the sweeter side but nevertheles its delicious
Mokate cappuccino
Produ t is very sweet, too mu h sugar in this product
Mokate Cappuccino
I love the candyshop range, it does not require any sugar.this products are super convenient & delicious. It makes time at the office enjoyable
Excellent cappuccino
My family simply love this product. It our anytime drink. The hazelnut cappuccino is the best.
my newly found friend
Tastes smooch, rich and creamy, starts the day just as perfect
Hazelnut cuppucinno
Over all good product bought it on special and was suprised at the loads of flavour. I personally would have loved more hazelnut flavour as I love it.
It was surprisingly creamy without adding milk or anything, I didn't have to add alot of sugar as it was sweeten as well I bought it on special and now that the special is over I still buy it because it's convenient as well as tasty.
Candy Coffee
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut tastes like no other Coffee as it has all the flavors and I must say this one here is my mood uplifter. Everyone close to me will tell you that I always have a pack in my bag,that's how great it is.
Amazing product and flavorsome. My elderly mom loves having this readily available to enjoy on her own. This is her daily treat.
For some reason I was disappointed in this cappuccino. The powder does not dissolve properly and leaves bits of powder, it also leaves a weird after taste in my mouth once I am done. This has the potential to improve though!
Best way to relax and enjoy the sweetness
I used to mostly enjoy the reduced sugar option of Mokate range until I tried this one out. It’s the best. The taste and aroma does it for me
Mokate Cappucchio -
This happens to be our new favourite. Always favoured a different make but this is not as sweet and tastes amazing. Definately on my shopping list
Not as great as i would've hoped
I'm a sucker for hazelnut coffee and so i always try new brands if i can. But for some reason i was disappointed in this brand as the powder does not dissolve properly and thus leaves chunks of powder in my mug. The flavour is great but just not the consistency i'm looking for
Not for me
I got this for the family but my kids didnt even like the taste and they like everything chocolate. It has a weird after taste. This was a miss for me

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