Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut

4,2 5 0 336 336 Chocolate & Hazelnut flavoured instant coffee drink. </p> Click <a href=""><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut


My friend introduced this product to me and I was hooked. l really enjoy it and love the smell of hezelnut infused with cuppechino. I will recommend this pbrand. I won't change a thing.
Wish it was stronger
I love the taste of this and therefore it gets 3 stars. However I prefer my coffee to be a bit stronger and I don't feel these are. It's better if you just want something light. Not ideal for your first cup of morning coffee
My go2 sip
My new favorite, got to love it, stress relieved.... It's super cost effective, always on my shopping list... I just wish more could come in a box
its quiet tasty however wish it was alittle stronger and a little creamer. however if you add some milk its tastes even better.
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino
tried this cappucino, it has a nice taste, creamy, will buy again
Not that strong
I love hazelnut flavor. This one feels that it needs a bit more of strength. Not bad, but not sure if I'll buy it again.
Best coffee
Very tasty coffee, especially in different flavors. Less strong with a smooth milky texture. The beautiful aroma it had and the delicious taste. I recommended it to my colleagues.
Very tasty and satisfying for cold days. My kids love it and does not last long once purchased because of its taste. I would not change it a bit
It strong and taste one when you drinking it it like you at the coffee shop
My favorite
Try to buy this every time its on favorite Even the normal price is good
Mouth watering
It's so delicious, ever since I started drinking it, I can't see myself drinking another brand except Mokate. I started with caramel that is were my addiction started.
I get this for my high school child as he is a fancy drinker he drinks teas and every thing hot as long as its tea of coffee well normal tea and coffee he loves this one as he loves nuts and he said he can taste the nut in this hot drink good job!
The not so tasty Cappuccino
I purchased three boxes, the vanilla cappuccino and the latte, the latte is good but this one needs a bit of balance for it to taste good. It has less milk for the foam effect and slightly less sugar for people with a sweet tooth
Loved the cappuccino it was amazing will definitely recommend to family and friends
I had never tried this before until one of my work colleagues brought a box to work last week and handed me a sachet to try. I was always just a plain Cappuccino fan but this Hazelnut flavour was really great. i thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be buying a box for home.

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