4 5 0 30 30 Chocolate & Hazelnut flavoured instant coffee drink. </p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/mokate-candy-shop-cappuccino-choc-hazelnut.html"><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut
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A little too sweet if you don't have a sweet tooth... But otherwise great....
Mokate cappuccino sachets
I love trying all the different brands and flavours of cappuccino sachets. Mokate cappuccino sachets are amongst the top favourites that I have tried and enjoyed. The hazelnut flavour is absolutely divine
i tried this product and found the taste to be interesting especially the after taste but for me who is not a fan of sugar it was a bit to sweet.
very sweet, but still quite delicious
It was very sweet, but it still tasted quite good. i love anything hazelnut and chocolate so it went down well for an occasional treat
Wow just loves the taste. would not mind getting some free sample for my family to taste
Tastes good
I quite enjoyed. As a coffee lover, I would prefer it to have a stronger coffee taste.
I was sceptical to purchase this cappuccino but no regrets. It is tasty and is a great blend between coffee and hazelnut. I will highly recommend this product. Really tasty....
It's not hug in a mug....
It's not hug in a mug but it's okay, would say better then Nescafé brand and also a bit cheaper, I would say try it as everyone has different taste and you might prefer it ?
Busy drinking a cup now
I love it anything with hazelnut in and I want it. Just made myself a cup of Mokate candy shop cappuccino choc hazelnut. The hazelnut flavor is just right.
not a FAN
not a great tasting product. Have not tried the other flavours yet but dont think i want to. The glucose syrup is to strong and leaves a horrible artificial to sweet taste. I will stick to my hug in a mug and other coffee products
Nothing like a cup of hazel joe
Love the taste. Not too strong but yet not an average cup of coffee
Its okay
This one I like but wont say I love it, I'm a coffee person and the hazelnut was a bit to much for me but apart from that its nice.
Tried this product. The flavour is great, and the price is reasonably priced.....
Love Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino
My husband goes all over South Africa and he went to a few African Continents in the last month - when he came back he brought me little saches that they were handing out at the borders and in these saches was all the different makes of Mokate coffees. After trying them all out my husband bought me the Mokate Candy Shop Cuppuccino Choc and Hazelnut - this is by far my favourite. The flavour is divine and the taste is even better.
Hazelnut coffee
I love the hazelnut linger in my tastebuds, simply love it.

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