Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut

4,2 5 0 376 376 Chocolate & Hazelnut flavoured instant coffee drink. </p> Click <a href=""><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut


Creamy coffee
Mokate Candy Shop is a real treat. It's creamy, frothy and sweet
Perfect choise for a sweet tooth person
Undeniably great flavors to choose from, however not my firm favorite. Personally I feel its a little too sweet for my liking. If you have a sweet tooth this can be perfect replacement if candy is out of reach.
Mokate Candy Shop Cappuccino Choc Hazelnut
Am not really a coffee kinda person, but I loved this. It's creamy, frothy and tastes really good. Well done guys. I already recommended it to my friends and family
I tried this found them at checkers. Price was affordable and I like the varied in terms of sugar as well. They are quite good. I love trying new things and I must say I was happy
I have tried more than one Mokate flavour and have not been impressed. Maybe just too weak?
Mokate Candy shop
We simply love it. It's now a staple in our beverage stock. I love that it's so easy to make. We are trying all flavors of this brand and mine by far is the hot chocolate.
Goodness in a mug
I had a cup just yesterday. It's yummy! I love the choc hazelnut flavour combination. A little too sweet for me., But that's just me. A lovely treat to have as a pick me up on a cold day.
love this. bought it from checkers was on special 2 boxes for R70
Not a fan
I was soo not impressed it has an after taste after drinking it. I like that it is not too strong though.
Not enough coffee
There isn’t enough coffee in the sachets The flavor is promising and the packaging is great. Adding more coffee will definitely make this product that much better.
It's really good, creamy and sweet enough. I really enjoyed the taste. Quick and easy to make in my 15 minutes break at work.
Tastes very good and the aroma 😘. I use this for my office tea breaks
Could be stronger
I wasn’t totally impressed with this product as I felt that the taste of the coffee was a little more watered down than expected. I think if it was a little stronger in flavor that would increase the chances of me buying it again.
so good
I tried this for the first time in April, and loved tastes just like the hug in a mug one. it's amazing I love it and I thought I wouldnt
My morning groove
I purchased 1 sachet in checkers ready to put it on my monthly grocery my husband loved it and the smell is amazing

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