4,5 5 0 112 112 It removes the soap scum and grime easily. Removes the surface dirt and restore the shine of the bathroom.Has a pleasant scent that does not irritate your sense of smell.
Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner Power Through Soap Scum
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Stubborn tile dirt
I use this product in my shower to get rid of those horrible marks on the tiles in the shower. also great for cleaning you sink
Works great
Love this product for cleaning shower grime. I normally spray then leave the product to soak through before scrubbing down. Love the smell
Mr Muscle for bathroom
It worked well for my shower, haven't tried it again as am looking for another product to test that will work for both shower and kitchen
Mr Muscle
Sometimes I have these stains on my wall next to my stove that are super stubborn. I dont always notice them and by the time I do, it has become quite a bot of build up. The Mr Muscle spray is basically the only product that helps me get rid of the gunk quickly and effortlessly.
I was caught in between, worked well for cleaning 🧽 other surfaces but struggled with soap scum still. The chemical scent is very strong too and often found myself sneezing a lot.
shine shine shine
yes Mr Muscle my bathroom shines and have a nice smell my bath looks new and i really did not scrub it hard i just spray Mr muscle and left if for 5 min i wipe the bath and all dirt was gone
The product works, I usually spray after I have showered and let it stand, later I will rinse. The product does the work for you. It has a clean smell and leaves your shower squeezy clean. Also comes in refill packs which is great.
Mr muscle products Def save me some scrubbing time. Busts through the grime like nothing else! I especially love the Mr muscle mildew cleaner, it removes stubborn mildew buildup in the shower in no time
It removes stains perfectly and the floor becomes spotless , really like it.
A lifesaver!
This Mr Muscle really helps me clean my bathroom. I just spray it on the surfaces I want cleaned, leave it a bit and scrub a bit.. Everything just becomes spotless. The fragrance is also good
I had used several products before, and nothing worked quite well. Until I tried Mr Muscles soap scum, I have not looked back. With our hygiene regime needing us to wash a lot, this is gives me confident after shower.
Easy to use
Tried and tested, great bathroom soap scum and dirt remover. The only thing I have noticed was that the top flap of the spray bottle's nozzle sometimes break off easily while trying to adjust the setting from foam to mist.
Excellent product
This is a great product to get rid of scum and bathroom grease, and the spray action is super convenient.
This is one of the best that I used. It does the job without fail. Its a must to have. I purchase this product every month without fail and it smells really good and it does not damage my hands or dry out my hands like the other brand did. Thumbs up.
Mr muscle
Smells nice. And I prefare to spray because my kids waste it when they clean the bath. Powerful scum remover

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