4,7 5 0 145 145 Prepared from the best South African products Mrs H.S.Ball's Chutney is now available in sweet chilli sauce 900ml.
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A well known name brand n our home - A must have . The sweet chilli sauce is an absolute winner !
Oh my but this is too good! Only problem I have is that I don't want to share with the rest of the family
Best on stews and even stir-fries ... The flavor is amazing!!! A must get for sure.
I think one can never go wrong with Mrs Balls chutney. I love the affordability as well as the taste. It is just a great combination as it is not too hot for marinades and stews. I love how the chilli is there but it is not overpowering.
Love, love, love. I use it when cooking stews and it brings out a delicious taste.
Fantastic. Makes a good dip. Goes well with chicken. Yes , I will recommend Mrs H sweet chilli sauce.
I will recommend this product very good taste.. love them with chicken strips..
Oh, oh, oh, this is the absolute best Mrs Balls product yet! Everybody must try this! Its amazing and the flavour is fantastic!
Fantastic product. Not too sweet and not too chilli, got the combination absolutely perfect. My favourite sweet chilli sauce. Everything I have come to expect from Mrs. H.S. Ball's products
This product is amazing. Its a wonderful braai vleis marinator too! I am NOT going to be without it.
This one has a bite! Mrs Balls Sweet Chilli Sauce is not the usual chutney we expected but great chilli flavour that still lingers. Just a pity it is getting so expensive as a locally produced product.
I have tried it..Mrs Balls Chutney Sauce is something that I could never live without it in my cupboard...My family loves it very much coz it adds that perfect taste on every dish we have..That Tangy and Sweet taste is perfect
Mrs Balls never dissapoints when it comes to flavour
This sweet chilli sauce is absolutely divine. It is the only one I purchase. I love Mrs Ball's products
I saw Mrs HS Balls has come up with new flavours and they are in store already i have bought the chakalaka one and I am sure the sweet chilli its tasty as well

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