Nature's Farms Blackstone Brown Bread Wheat Flour

4,5 5 0 76 76 Wheat flour for a brown bread with blackstone flavour straight from the farms.
Nature's Farms Blackstone Brown Bread Wheat Flour


Farms Brown Bread
love this flour made the most beautiful rotis to eat with my curries
Life saver
This flour is very good. Easy to follow instructions and the outcome is exactly as instructed. I loved the bread, it was very fresh and fluffy. I definitely recommend this to anyone
The flour is very good and healthy, I would recommend other people to buy it as they wouldn't regret it🤤
bought the flour at pick n pay, i honestly love the taste so much and its healthy. but the price is a bit high, its worth it though
I have tried Nature's Farms Brown Bread Wheat Flour. The bread that I baked was delicious and would definitely recommend it
I have tried this to make pizza and its very good to use for everything
I buy this and make fresh pizza dough for the whole family, everyone enjoys it :)
I have tried the flour.I bought it from the shops.I don't regret buying it. I have to buy it again whole family loved the he bread baked from this product
I have tried the product.I bought it from Pick n Pay canalcrossing Potchefstroom.1st time to use the product because I like baking I thought of giving it a try.Everything was so perfectly. normal rising & baking time.The texture was good,softness of bread excellent, teste was brilliant. If you eat brown bread & like baking using brown flour what are you waiting for .This is the time to shove out from other products & shove to Nature's Farms Blackstone Brown Wheat Flour
Just bought this product for the first time. Good quality, priced a little high but I found it on special. Great for dough for diabetics
My mom baked a nice bread the othe day with this flour. It was devine!!!
I love the texture of this flour and its excellent to use in savoury quick breads and even pizza bases for a healthy option.
We have a bread maker and we buy this flour when making bread and it works really well Im really impressed with this product
We have a bread maker and I recently descovered this flour and I must say I wont be using any other flour its perfect I really cannot complain!!
Used this to make a bread in our Kenwood breadmaker. Really great product turned into a great bread.

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