4,6 5 0 138 138 Nescafe Classic Strong is made from 100% natural coffee beans.
Nescafe Classic Strong Bold & Intense Coffee
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Pefect tea it has a strong flovour and a good tase
Not bad tasting but not real coffee. The chicory taste takes away much of the taste
Made from 100% coffee bean
Tastes good smells good and it's good to you! I came across this coffee when i embarked on a Intermittent fast a year ago.. I have been hooked ever since.. I recommend this coffee all the time
Yumee... coffee!
Absolutely love this coffee, my friends just wants to hang around so I can make some more.... :)
Strong coffee
I just love the strong coffee taste. Wakes you up first thing I the morning
Nescafé Classic
I love this Coffee and can't start my day without it! It has a Rich Bold, but yet smooth flavour. This is Unlike other products! With some of the other brands after 1 cup of coffee I feel as if i don't want to drink coffee for the rest of the day, but with Nescafé Classic I can have one after another and then another and another!
Nescafe classic strong
Great taste, aroma, color, smell and strength. I look forward to drinking this coffee because it ticks all my boxes. Adding flavors might be good, like caramel but they would have to be a good quality not to spoil the flavor of the coffee.
Nescafe Classic Strong is okay for some.
Depending on your instant coffee preferences this might be a excellent product of just okay. For me it is just okay. I tried it once and I had no intention of buying it again. It is too weak, and its texture and taste reminds me of ricory.
Strong Coffee
I love Nescafe and I usually by the Classic, When I use the Classic I would need to spoons however with the new Strong version I use less as it is as strong as I like it.
Nescafe Classic
Nescafe is a rich coffee bursting with aroma. makes for a refreshing cup in the morning and keeps me going all day. i will definetly recoomend this product, however perhaps the packaging could be changed from glass, as i have dropped a bottle twice. not a nice mess to clean
Nescafe Strong
Good coffee for strong coffee lovers. I prefer mild coffee
Can't go without it
By far one of the better coffees out there with a nice price tag. This is always in my kitchen and I have a cup of coffee every day with it.
Nescafe Classic Strong
I love Nescafe Classic Strong. I can't start my day without a cup. I use a level teaspoon in my coffee as any more than that is way too strong for me. Sometimes I have it black and sometimes with milk.
For those that love coffee
The best instant coffee. l like my coffee strong and i can have that without comprising on taste. I'm can't start my day without first having a cup. Simply the best.
Always put it in yr grocery list good and affordable

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