4,6 5 0 123 123 Nescafe Classic Strong is made from 100% natural coffee beans.
Nescafe Classic Strong Bold & Intense Coffee
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Nescafe classic - strong
I Loooooove it! keeps me recharged all day. Smooth, rich and strong tasting coffee
Loving it
Love the strong taste and aroma. My fav flavour at this stage. Would def be buying it again.
Lovely smell
The taste is great and the aroma is even better. love the smell of a good quality coffee and i dont drink 5 cups a day anymore only 3cups a day as the texture and taste is nice
Wonderful, strong, rich coffee. The taste is great and the aroma is even better.
Just have one
On a normal day I drink about 7 cups of coffee but there is no way my body will allow me to have more than one of Nescafe coffee as it has a rich taste, but I would highly recommend of adding one cup of black coffee to your cake batter as it is supper yummy and moist.
I couldn't believe my taste buds
When I first tasted the Nescafe Classic Strong, I couldn't believe my taste buds. This is more than just another variety of instant coffee, it is instant coffee to the next level! My mind said instant coffee but my taste buds said percolated coffee... Thank you Nescafe for this experience!
I love the rich, creamy taste of coffee. I consider myself as a coffee fanatic and love the strength and quality of the coffee. The coffee could be more on promotion/special. I would recommend this as it is an amazing cup of coffee!
Strong Taste
Prefer not such strong coffee, however the taste was good. Can't have too many of this
Just love the taste and also the different variants .
This coffee is very strong and the aroma is to die for.Always gives a goood start to my day so far its the best for me.
Better deals
Recently switched to Nescafe as i find more specials with Nescafe and better deals in store. I usually go for Gold but i love the strong aroma of all of them. Refills are also conveniently priced. I find Nescafe suits my pocket
Strong hit
I decided to have this coffee I'm not a coffee person but really felt like having a cup my mistake was having one after supper and boy did I not have any sleep it truly made me awake all night
Nescafe Coffee
We love the strong flavour of Nescafe coffee, always a welcome part to the start of our day
Strong and bold
Bold rich flavor... Strong enough no need for extra spoon
Nescafe Classic STRONG
I love this Nescafe Strong it is so perfectly flavored, great for Irish Coffee and for first morning cup.

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