4,7 5 0 115 115 Nescafe Classic Strong is made from 100% natural coffee beans.
Nescafe Classic Strong Bold & Intense Coffee
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Absolutely smooth
I cannot afford to buy this that often but the aroma is wonderful. It forces one to want more cups of coffee.
Nescafe Bold and Strong
The rich flavour of this coffee is indescribable. Love it!
Neskafe coffee
I appreciate the pure pleasure it brings to my taist buds.
When I had a busy day it helps a lot I just love it
great tasting product
my husband loved the great taste, reminds him of his childhood
Good product
It’s the best. I am a fan of coffee and particularly Nescafe. The strong rich taste. The smell cures all my day stress. I love it. I will recommend to coffee lovers. It’s also priced right
Awesome Coffee
Great Taste , absolute need every morning for that wake me up feeling. gives you that extra kick especially on a Monday morning, the bold and strong flavor is great for coffee lovers /addicts
So smooth
Tasting it for the first,it put all the coffees I've had before to shame It has a smooth,rich taste...
Love it!
It's perfect. Strong, smells great and tastes good as well. I'm hooked.
Fantastic - if you like it strong!
It's much better than the original, as it's stronger and more flavourful. You can also use less to get a better cup of coffee!
Mouth full
this is a flavorful strong mouth full cup of coffee. We love the taste.
Nescafe Escape !
Love the rich coffee beans of this coffee , one does not have to put in two heaped teaspoons -that is how strong it is . Once you add add the milk and Voila ,put your feet up and enjoy !!
Nescafe Classic strong
The new taste is definitely improved. I enjoy strong coffee and absolutely love the new taste. I usually only buy this product.
Nescafe strong
Im a coffee lover and this is awesome. I recently purchased this coffee and will not change
My coffee
My husband loves Nescafe coffees more. So this was like heaven to him. This is the coffee we are drinking right now.

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