4,5 5 0 140 140 Indulge in the unmistakably rich and creamy cup that you deserve even when you are taking it easy on the sugar. The way you like it everytime.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/nescafe-gold-salted-caramel.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Nescafe Gold Salted Caramel Coffee
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Salted Caramel Addiction
Since trying this product for the first time some months ago I can quite readily say that I am addicted to it - I love the convenience of a sachet and salted caramel is my all time favourite. I was recently so disappointed when my local store had sold out of the Salted Caramel variety but so pleased I found a box at another branch!!
well balanced between salt and sugar
really tasty product replaced the regular filter coffee i used to purchase on a daily basis.
Ty it, you will become a coffee lover! great tasting coffee
for the love of salted caramel nescafe
I honestly loved this flavour, I enjoyed it as it wasnt too sweet.perhaps it was the salted taste that offers that. Its easy to use and feels wlike you are at a coffee bar even if you just in your pjs at home. A real treat.
My fav!
This has got to be my favourite flavour of the range.
Salted caramel
I absolutely love this! It is not too sweet! It really tastes devine, it is perfect for any occasion.
I purchased a box and it lasted a week ! This is definitely a winner and tastes divine !
#Nescafe #5Stars #mustHave
I don't go without my Nescafe Cappuccinos and have been buying this for myself every month #TreatYourself #Coffee #Nescafe My favorite flavors is the Vanilla Latte, Salted Caramel, Coconut Fudge, White Chocolate and the Original. Easy to make - just add water, since it is sweet enough #SweetTreat
Nescafe Gold Salted Caramel
Bought this product for my son and he just loves it. I have tried most of the flavours. For me I dont take sugar so it all tastes too sweet.
One of my favourite flavours these days! Nescafe have really made an effort to keep true strong favours with these new sachets and I"m really enjoying them! Never without a box in my pantry!
Love it
Great taste, gets you hooked from the first sip. Keep them stocked up
I have absolutely no complaints about this product, it is delicious. I literally make this on a daily bases and everyone loves it lol
More than good
I am a coffee addict. This is one of my favourites.
Salted Caramel fan
I am passionate about coffee and love this product. It makes me feel like i am indulging in something expensive. I wish the salt taste came through more, maybe some bigger granules. It is a regular addition to my coffee collection.
From ME to ME just because I CAN 😘
I'm só in love with this product and especially this flavour. It gives me that warm fuzzy happy feeling every time. The smell is so sensational. I spoil myself and my loved ones constantly. And I don't have to break the bank either. It's like I'm pretending to be my own professional barista all the time...

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