Nescafe Gold Salted Caramel Coffee

4,5 5 0 177 177 Indulge in the unmistakably rich and creamy cup that you deserve even when you are taking it easy on the sugar. The way you like it everytime.<p> Click the <a href="">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Nescafe Gold Salted Caramel Coffee


Its rich and creamy good for a night cap it gives a nice smooth taste after you done
Upmarket coffee shop
Wow guys love this flavor. You can't really taste the salt but it's there and nicely balanced. This makes it taste like you are in an upmarket coffee shop. It's luxurious. I always keep it for myself and leave the other flavors for my galz
Nescafe Gold Salted Caramel individual packets
I absolutely love this flavor from Nescafe Gold. I love instant coffees, taste so much better and no added sugar needed, mix it with half milk and water...yummmy, it will taste as if a restaurant has made it. MY go to at work and is in my drawer as we speak.
Does not live up to its name
This is the most disappointing of all the flavours. The salted caramel barely comes through. it just hints at it. Its basically just coffee.
Love it love it love it... Great taste very creamy and very easy to pop into your bag on your way to work.
Nescafe Gold Salted Caramel Coffee
A deliciously milky coffee with a hint of caramel flavour that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.
Nescafe Gold
A friend of mine took me out for a cup of coffee to catch-up and introduced me to this unique coffee and I was hooked. I never went back. recommended every where I go. less sugar is required.
Nescafe Salted Caramel
You would think that this product would be over sweet but its a really good balance of sweet and coffee flavours, and love the cappucino foam, there is no other product like it.
Flavored cappuccino
Love love love it. Not as readily available everywhere here, but if I do find it I buy at least 2 boxes. Sweet, creamy coffee!
Love this
I love the unique taste of this. It has a creamy taste and keeps me satisfied. This is a must buy
not the best flavour
Hi this is nice but i think they could have done better this flavour is only ok
Best coffee to keep in your home
This is my best coffee so creamy and light not to strong and love the taste I always buy these for my home
Njum Njum Njum
Oh man - this is so so good. I absolutely love this flavour. I am a Nescafe Gold addict, but this one is a must have for every coffee lover. Please give it a try.
Bitter Sweet
I enjoyed this coffee flavor a lot however I found it to be a bit sweet, however if you don't put any sugar in it is not too bad. would buy again
Iced Coffee Brew
Love the taste if i make iced coffee. Just feels right ;)

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