4,5 5 0 330 330 Crafted and refined for a silky and smooth taste with a signature golden crema.
Nescafe Gold Velvety Mild & Round Crafted Coffee
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Nescafe Gold
The Nescafe Gold has a strong fragrance and the perfect coffee taste for the morning and when you need that pick me up coffee. I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family.
Nescafe Gold
This coffee is amazing, strong taste and a great wake me up in the morning. This brand has really established itself in the market by providing high quality products.
Nescafe Gold
for me, this is the best coffee on the market. it is strong enough to give me the boost, rich flavour and dissolves quickly in the water . lasts me the whole month because i only need one teaspoon per cup
Pour me a cup
Nescafe is my preferred coffee choice and loved this as I do not like my coffee strong and this flavour wanting another cup.
I love coffee, this is by far the best coffee I have tasted by far. I enjoy drinking this coffee as much as I enjoy percolated coffee
Nescafe never dissapoints
Nescafe rarely leaves me feeling as though i should have made another choice. The Nescafe gold is not too strong yet gives you the kick you need in the morning. It is one of my top picks.
Coffee Head
The whole new nescafe range is amazing, this product is definitely a go to when you need that coffee fix. My current favourite right now is Alta Rica from this range a definite must try
so so smooth i really really live this coffee absolutely amazing
Great Coffee
Greatly blended coffee, it is so smooth and its aroma :)
Coffee lover
Our favourite coffee at office and home. Full bodied smooth taste.
Great cuppa
I can't stomach very strong coffee but this one is full bodied and has a great, smooth flavour. It's also not harsh on my tummy:)
Coffee Nescafe Gold
After a long day at the office it is nice to recharge with a decent cup off coffee and chit chat before driving home. Smooth taste, not too strong and a wonderful aroma. One of my favorites.
Nescafe Gold
Very rich and creamy and super nice!!!Will definitely buy this again.
I love the rich and smokey flavour of the Nescafe Gold.
Nescafe Gold Velvety Mild & Round Crafted Coffee
I have always been a Nescafe fan and I love the new look as well as the new flavours.

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