Nescafe Ricoffy Milk Tart Flavoured Cuppuccino

3,1 5 0 112 112 South Africa's no. 1 coffee brings you a taste of local flavour - NESCAFE RICOFFY CAPPUCCINO.
Nescafe Ricoffy Milk Tart Flavoured Cuppuccino


I got it as a gift for christmas,the taste is okay,my brother loved it alot,it all depends on the peopel in the house so we will buy it again this month because he a fan. worth the try
Not my fav
Ricoffy flavours tastes like chicory, i would not recomend this, it does not taste as good as nescafe Gold
Cannot go wrong
Of all the Ricoffy flavours you cannot go wrong with Milk tart. Love this one the most. Well done Ricoffy
Overall ok
It's sweet and without a milk taste but it's not bad.
Very "fake" taste
The smell is great, but the taste, not so much. It has an artificial/fake taste to it, almost like it's just a bunch of chemicals instead of milk and cinnamon. I love milk tart so this was very disappointing
Milk tart cappuccino
Love the smell but I hate the flavour. It is bland, maybe add more sweetness and more coffee and milk tart flavour, that will help a bit.
Very terrible buy :-(
My daughter loves the nescafe cappuccino sachets and when I saw this product on the shelf I was very intrigued as she loves milk tart and I thought wow her 2 favourite things combined surely that is a win! Yoh, that was not the case as she absolutely disliked it and told me not to ever, ever buy it again. Needless to say this product was not very well received in our house and shall never be purchased again, sadly.
Why does it taste inky
Not great. Watery. Not foamy. Why does the flavoring taste inky with a hint of cinnamon? I didn't enjoy this product.
Ricoffy Milk Tart Cappuccino
This is really nice, has a very milky and creamy taste to it, it does however need a little bit more coffee added to give it a stronger coffee taste! I would certainly recommend it for kids more than adults. DELICIOUS
No thanks
Milk tart should stay a cold item. This was not a great experience.
I was so excited when I saw this in the store that i just had to purchase a box. Well what a DISAPPOINTMENT! I took a sip and almost through up. The taste was just not at all what i was hoping for. The taste was all over the place. Not a pleasent experience at all. :(
Best SA invention
I love that someone has added Milktart flavor to an already loved SA product. Best best and not to over powering.
intense flavour
The milktart comes through perfectly, but half way through the cremora taste overpowers the coffee
Dont waste your time
This product tastes nothing like "Milk Tart" nor does it resemble the taste. It just a sweet taste, but nothing to rave about. I'll stick to other brands.
Very nice to have just before bed. Unique flavour makes it creamy and sweet. Realy nice.

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