Nescafe Ricoffy Original Cappucino

3,8 5 0 211 211 Share the fresh, smooth taste that originates from the perfect blending of the finest chicory and coffee beans that have been slow roasted, ground and freshly percolated capturing the full taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee in convenient quick dissolving granules. <p> Click the <a href="">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Nescafe Ricoffy Original Cappucino


Ricoffy Cappuccino
Great tasting coffee. I would recommend this to anyone because it is smooth and refreshing
I am a fan of Cappuchino and ricoffy one taste so nice and rich
cappiccino lover
price reasonable, convenient and taste very good. real stuff to make sure you go through the day without feeling sleepy and the aroma is miraculous everyone once to have a taste once you make a cup
Ricoffy Original Cappuccino
Convenient packaging but found it weak for a cappuccino. I had to add some coffee to bring out the flavour. Its sweet enough but I think its just a flavoured coffee not cappuccino.
Awesome Taste
Packaging is awesome... slip 1 in your lunch bad and easy. Awesome taste ... creamy divine Its affordable. Easy to prepare.. that'd the reason why I liked it. Just open .. drop into cup and all good to go!
Ricoffy in m y eyes is the supreme coffee of SA. This cuppachino highlights all the best features of ricoffy that we all love
Good quality
Wow i was impressed, love the taste, smooth strong and frothy.
Not for me
The flavours are too subtle, it smells amazing though and it is very light to drink, if you do buy it then make sure that you have extra coffee and sugar at hand because you are gonna need it.
Ricoffy Original Cappucino is delicious
Nescafe Ricoffy Cappucino is very quick and easy to make just ad sugar and hot water and your good to go. It's so rich and creamy with strong coffee fragrance. Mmmmmm so good.
How could anyone not like this?! Best coffee mix I have ever tasted! Rich, creamy, not too strong...and affordable! Maybe just a little more sugar would do... i would totally recommend this!
Best I've had!
Just took a chance buying this product and I loved it. Perfect coffee fix for work during the day. Just add water! REASONABLE TOO!
Just what i needed for winter
Great product for home on the road and even at the office , no one can steal a spoon of your cappuccino . Enjoy every moment of the taste and love the texture it gives when you preparing it Smells good to . Hands off its mine . Recommended to all .
Its delicious and creamy and not too strong like others
Nescafe Ricoffy Original Cappucino
This is good and it is convenient . I love it but my husband finds it a bit sweet for his taste.
Not my cup of tea at all. Rather purchase Ricoffee and cremora and make yourself.

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